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PTO Molasses Pumps


PRICE: $4,399.00 (inc GST)

Portable tractor PTO driven gear pumps by Paddock Machinery. These pumps are ideal for pumping molasses, oils, tallows, fertilisers, bitumen, diesel, kerosene and other solutions. Use the power of your farm tractors PTO to pump a range of fluids including those with a very high viscosity.

Paddock PTO Tractor Molasses Gear Pump
  • Transfer Pumps in 2" and 3" sizes available with flow rates up to 26,000 L/hr
  • High discharge pressures for long distance transfers
  • Suitable for use with Cat I tractors
  • Includes PTO shaft, pins and transport frame
PTO Pump Applications

Every farmer knows the power and reliability of their tractor and power take off (PTO) system. No more messing around with small engines or maintaining a dedicated trailer pump engine, instead use your existing tractors reliable diesel engine and PTO system to pump oils, molasses and other highly viscous fluids. Quickly mobilise this pump on the back of your tractor to areas otherwise difficult to access. Engage the standard 540 rpm PTO shaft and the pump begins operation. Vary the PTO speed and engine rpm to change your discharge pressure and flow rate. Ideal for large transfer operations where time is of the essence.

Pumping Molasses

When pumping molasses the key is to run these gear pumps at a maximum of 200 rpm. With the direct coupling to your tractor this is as simple as reducing the tractors RPM so the standard 540 rpm PTO speed is lowered.

Molasses can be highly viscous when cold so care needs to be taken to ensure your pump is not starved of flow and this is best achieved by a elevated molasses supply tank, short suction lines and large diameters. Heating your molasses tank will also help it flow. Starving these pumps of supply can cause cavitation and eventual damage/destruction of the gears so it's important to monitor your operation especially when new.

Tractor PTO Pump Unit Features

The heavy duty cast iron design of these pumps makes them simple and robust. They use a shaft packing gland and bush design. The fluid itself provides the lubrication for the meshing gears so this needs consideration if you're looking to use this pump with solutions which don't naturally lubricate. The pumps themselves are supplied with a Teflon packing gland which is ideal for use with molasses. 

Each kit is supplied with the 3-point linkage arms and a PTO shaft. The PTO shaft includes a slip yoke which provides the adjustment for variances in tractor sizes and configurations.

Mounted to a powder coated steel transport frame makes relocation and transport a breeze. Quick to deploy and fast to pack up.

Linkage and Compatibility for Farming Pump

These units are configured for standard three point linkage (3PL) for Category 1 (Cat I) tractors with a PTO speed up to 540 RPM. Suited to tractors with the industry standard 1-3/8" 6-spine connection.

PTO Pump Specifications
Pump Style Gear Gear
Inlet / Outlet 2" / 2" 3" / 3"
Flow rate

104 L/min @ 200 rpm (molasses max recommended speed)

209 L/min @ 400 rpm (oils such as diesel)

Max. Pump Speed 600 rpm

220 L/min @ 200 rpm

440 L/min @ 400 rpm

Max. Pump Speed 600 rpm

Discharge Head 30 m 30 m
Suction Lift 4.5 m 4.5 m
Tractor Power Range 25 hp + 25 hp +
PTO Speed up to 540 RPM up to 540 RPM
Linkage  Cat I - Three Point Tractor Linkage  Cat I - Three Point Tractor Linkage
Construction  Heavy duty cast iron pump Heavy duty cast iron pump
PTO Input Shaft Included, 1-3/8" 6 spline Included, 1-3/8" 6 spline
Max. Fluid Temperature 60 C 60 C
Weight ~65 kg ~100 kg
Dimensions 660 (w) x 660 (l) x 880 (h) mm 660 (w) x 660 (l) x 880 (h) mm
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months



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