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ATV Finishing Mower


PRICE: $3,699.00 (inc GST)

Paddock, a brand synonymous with quality has developed the ultimate in tow behind finishing mower. Tow behind a range of vehicles from quad bikes to utilities. Self powered by a reliable petrol 4 stroke engine, the low clearance and high speed blades are made to give a clean finishing cut to your lawn or yard.

Paddock Finishing Lawn Mower
  • Suitable for use with Quad Bikes, Four Wheelers, ATVs, Tractors, Utilities
  • 13HP Electric Start 4 Stroke Petrol Engine
Finishing Mower Applications

Tow behind, self powered mowers lend themselves to a variety of applications ranging from home use to acreage and small farms. The low cutting height and high speed blades means a good, clean cut is obtained, differing from slashers and flail mowers. Great for use around the house in larger back yards. These can be towed by range of vehicles including ATVs, quad bikes & four wheelers, motorcycles, ride on mowers, utes, 4WDs and cars.

ATV Mower Operation

Using this mower is simple, all you need is a standard tow ball and a vehicle capable of towing it at 8KPH or less. This makes it an economical alternative to owning and maintaining a tractor. Connect the mower, fill the petrol and oil tanks and you are ready to go! Cutting height adjustment is made by turning the threaded shaft which in turn adjusts the ride height. Maintenance is minimal and easy, consisting of regular greasing using the grease nipples, maintenance of the engine such as oil changes and spark plugs at service intervals. The blades are made to be long wearing but can be easily changed if needed.

Tow Behind Mower Construction

The Scintex finishing mower was designed with reliability and functionality in mind. The efficient, yet powerful 425cc petrol engine puts out 13HP, more than enough to get a great cut in thick grass. Heavy duty, 5mm thick steel was used for the main platform with tubular steel and sheet metal finishing the main construction. Metal work is finished in a hard wearing, powder coat. A 13L fuel tank means you'll get hours of operation between fills, however, the tank sight glass means you can quickly check the fuel level without opening the cap. Mowing grass can be a hot and dusty job and the last thing you want to do is mess around with a pull start engine, Scintex has incorporated a 12V electric start to make things easy. The ignition has keys for safety and circuit protection. Under the mower are three cutting heads with hardened steel blades designed for long life. Two ply air filled, wide track tires, reduce the chances of puncture, allow good weight distribution as well as reduce the chances of the blades touching the ground when encountering rough terrain or ground with holes. This mower is spec'd to meet Australian standards.

Mower Linkage

The mower comes standard with 50mm (2") tow ball hitch and will fit standard tow balls. The hitch shaft can be center mounted or offset to the left.

Petrol Finishing Mower Specifications
Lawn Mower STBFM02
Cutting Width 117cm
Working Efficiency up to 9360 square meters / hour
Power Loncin 13HP 425cc Petrol 4 Stroke OHV Engine
Operating RPM 3600RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 13L
Battery 12V DC (Included)
Start Electric Start w/ keys & circuit protection
Hitch Type Standard 50mm Tow Ball
Hitch Shaft Length 75cm
Wheels 2 Ply pneumatic wide track 120mm (W) x 380mm
Construction Heavy duty 5mm steel, powder coated
Blades 3x Cutting Heads (replacements available)
Cut Height Adjustable 25-250mm
Max. Tow Speed 30 Km/h
Max. Cutting Tow Speed 8 Km/h
Weight ~180kg
Dimensions 111 × 129 × 69cm
Features Side or center hitch, fuel level site glass,
Warranty 12 Months



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