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ATV Rake - Blade Conversion Kit


PRICE: $699.00 (inc GST)

This is a conversion kit only and will supply users the parts needed to convert their existing ATV rake into a ATV Blade. 

Upgrade Kit - Converts ATV Rake into ATV Blade

This kit comes with the parts to convert your Paddock ATV Rake into a ATV Blade/Plough. These two units share many of the same components so we've designed an upgrade kit to allow the benefits from both units without having to double up on common parts. 

Quad Bike Blade Key Features:
  • Features full blade tip design to prevent damage when striking objects.
  • High gauge steel and over construction on critical components making this ATV blade plough the toughest on the market.
  • Highly adjustable with the ability to alter the blade angle, blade height and hitch angle.
  • Versatile, lending itself to many applications.
Example blade plough applications:
  • Spreading soils
  • Clearing roads
  • Turning over soil prior to planting
  • Clearing snow
  • Clearing driveways and curbs
  • Flattening sand and gravel
  • Spreading mulch and manures
  • And many more....


Blade Plow Specification Value
Blade Width 150cm or 5 ft
Blade Adjustment 5 rotation settings with forward and reverse blade angles
Parts supplied #6/7/8/9/31/32/33/34 
Construction High carbon steel, black enamel finish. 
Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009