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Drag Harrow


PRICE: $899.00 (inc GST)

A heavy duty, drag harrow made specifically for use with small vehicles such as four wheel motorcycles, quad bikes, ATVs, ride-on mowers and small tractors. Great for spreading soils, raking foliage, preparing seed beds and myriad of other uses. Made by Paddock Machinery for Australian conditions.

'Paddock' Tow Behind Drag Harrow for ATV, Quads or Mowers

Ideal for the home gardener, landscaper, horticulturist to acreage owner. Easy to connect and tow behind a range of vehicles from four wheelers, quad bikes, all terrain vehicles, utilities to small tractors. Simply drag behind your vehicle by hitching chain through the metal ring and connecting to your tow ball or clevis hitch. Capable of operating with tines up or down. Tines down provides a racking, harrowing action. While tines up allows for a smoothing operating great for spreading sands, soils and other materials. The construction quality is second to none with hardened, high carbon steel at 10mm diameter making the drag harrow extremely durable. A thick tubular steel draw bar provides stability and down pressure. The harrow breaks down into two segments which makes it quite easy to transport and store.

Example applications:

  • Spreading soils
  • Clearing roads
  • Raking foliage and leaves
  • Preparing seed beds and gardens
  • Dragging horse arenas
  • Flattening sand and gravel
  • Cultivating soils
  • Clearing weeds on golf courses
  • Spreading mulch and manures


Drag Harrow Specification Value
Operating Width 132cm
Operating Length 180cm
Max Operating Depth 89mm
Tine Size 89mm x 10mm
Connection Triangular tow hitch with metal loop
Construction High carbon steel, black enamel finish
Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009