Service & Maintenance

All Paddock equipment must meet the minimum maintenance requirements as set out in Paddock Mini Loader manual to maintain the supplier’s warranty. Paddock mini loaders are built to strict quality control requirements meaning if the reasonable maintenance practices set out in this manual are followed, users are highly unlikely to need warranty assistance. Sometimes things do go wrong however and if an item does require repair or replacement under warranty, please contact your place of purchase to discuss.


Your engine is covered under the engine manufactures warranty. Please refer to the engine manufactures specific requirements set out in the engine manufactures manual supplied with your mini loader. The below maintenance requirements will make no mention to engine specific maintenance to avoid possible conflicts.

Mini Loader (excluding engine) Maintenance Philosophy

A maintenance log book is included below which sets out the minimum requirements for servicing and maintaining your mini loader.

Paddock understands it is unreasonable for owners to be able to visit certified service centers when their machine may operate in remote parts of Australia hundreds of kilometers from registered agents. Therefore Paddock takes a new age approach to who qualifies as a servicing agent. Essentially, owners can have their loader serviced by any suitably qualified person operating a registered business in Australia without voiding their warranty. Businesses should be asked if they feel they are qualified to perform the works set out in the machines logbook and if they have prior experience maintaining similar type equipment.

If owners are unsure if a specific business is suitably qualified to perform the log book servicing, they should seek guidance and approval from their place of purchase. The following are considered examples of suitably qualified service agents;

  • Maintenance and repair businesses who work with machinery and hydraulics, tractor and mower repair businesses may quality.
  • Businesses dealing in hydraulic system maintenance and repairs.
  • Large machinery maintenance and repair businesses.



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