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Mini Hay Baler


PRICE: $11,999.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock designed and manufactured, hay & grass baler is a high quality yet affordable option for farm and acreage owners to create manageable sized round bales. This mini baler can be used on a wide range of grasses, hay, forage, straws and chaffs to name a few. A round bale of around 20kg is produced and can be lifted and stored without additional equipment. To make things simple the baler is automatic in operation. A high output of bales means you can get a return on investment within hours of operation. This tractor implement is a great addition for any farmer wishing to make and store their own stock feeds. 

Tractor PTO Mini Baler

  • Make your own round bales!
  • Automated baling
  • Use with a range of grasses and hay
  • Bale size is easy to store and move by hand
  • Suits CAT I tractors
  • Standard 540rpm input
  • Made to last! Heavy duty construction
  • Cover large areas quickly and efficiently


Compatibility - The Paddock balers will fit a large range of tractors and are generally universal among Category 1 tractors. Customers are running the Paddock mini balers on all your big name tractors including Case, John Deere, Kubota and Massey Ferguson, to name a few.

The Paddock mini baler is simple to use. Once the grass, straw or hay has been cut, align in windrows using the Paddock wheel rake or similar. Some tractor slashers will be capable of ejecting cut grasses in rows. However, the denser the row the more efficient the baling. The mini baler has an operating width of 80cm so rows around this width are optimal. With the baler attached to the tractor, two rolls of twine can be inserted into the onboard compartment. Following the instructions, feed the initial piece of twine through the mechanism. If using two rolls these can be tied together to allow continuous operation. Now the twine is fitted the baling can commence. An electrical cable with alarm and bale ejection switch is passed through to the tractor cabin. When the hay bale has reached the correct size the alarm will be tripped. Simply stop the tractor and press the bale eject button and the baler will do the rest. The twine will be automatically wound and cut ready for the next bale. With the bale ejected the operator can continue making the next bale without leaving the cabin. The baler also integrates a safety feature to stop the bale getting too large and causing damage in the scenario that the bale ejection button is not activated in sufficient time.

Paddock Machinery carries a full range of spares and replacement parts for the mini balers through their Australian office and product support is only a click away!

The Paddock Tractor Wheel Rakes and Baling Twine are ideal for use with this mini baler.

Tractor Mini Baler Model SPPTOMB01
Bale Size Diameter 60cm, Length 70cm
Bale Weight 20-30kg
Production Capacity up to 100 bales / hr
Working Width 80cm
Working Speed 2-5 km/h
Tractor Linkage 3 Point Linkage Cat I
Gearbox Power 18 - 50 HP
PTO Speed 540 RPM
PTO Shaft Standard 6 spline PTO shaft
Tyre Size 16 x 6.50-8-4
Net Weight 440kg (empty)
Size 130cm x 130cm x 130cm

Adjustable bale density

Auto twine binding system

Works on a range of grasses, hay, forage and straws

Automatic bale ejection

Includes PTO Shaft. Cat I pins.
Certification CE Certified, ISO9001:2000
Warranty 2 Years



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