Diesel Engine Pre-Filter


PRICE: $239.00 (inc GST)

Paddock™ fuel filters are built to offer superior performance and protection for your diesel engine. Fuel contamination is a constant threat to all diesel engine owners, you don't have to be traversing the outback or crossing the Simpson desert to compromise the integrity of the engine from bad fuel. Paying attention to filtration is one of the best ways to minimise the lifecycle operating cost of your diesel-powered equipment. You want the best filtration technology on offer to eliminate any chances of water contamination.

For a 31863 filter replacement element visit here. It's highly recommended carrying a backup element at all times for servicing on the go.

Diesel Particulate Filter Type 31863

Installing the aftermarket pre-filter will remove the vast majority of water and particle contamination. This leaves the O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filter to do the finer filtration work. Adding the pre-filter will increase the longevity and efficiency of the O.E.M filter and more importantly, your engine will have cleaner fuel to burn.

Key for successful filtration is taking a staged approach. These diesel engine pre-filters are designed to go upstream of your vehicles existing fuel filter. The elements are rated to remove 30 micron and larger particles. Water is also separated from the diesel in the lower bowl. These elements remove the bulk of the contaminants from your fuel to ensure a greatly reduced load on the sensitive downstream filter and motor.

Cross Reference Filters:
  • Fleetguard Fuel Water Separator - FS19585
  • Stanadyne 34178
  • Massey-Ferguson 3780931M1
  • Carquest 86547
  • Donaldson P551426
  • Luber-Finer L3101F
  • Luber-Finer L3919F
  • Luber-Finer L3923F
  • Mann WK8122
  • Mann WK8127
  • Mann WK8143
  • Agco - 3780931M1
  • J.C. Bamford 32/921001
  • Baldwin BF7783-D
Installing a Diesel Engine Pre-filter 100 Series

The Paddock™ diesel engine pre-filters are designed to be easy to install, monitor and service. The disposable elements are affordable and take up little space making carrying spares in the glove box realistic.  

If water is observed in the clear lower bowl, users can simply open the bottom drain tap. This is fast, effective and simple to monitor when you pop the bonnet without the need for more complicated and temperamental electrics. If a large slug of contaminated fuel was to enter your vehicle, roadside replacement of the main element is straightforward. Simply drain as much diesel via the lower tap before unscrewing the element and fitting the replacement. No special tools are necessary and the design has clearly considered DIY replacement in remote locations.  It is highly recommended anyone travelling in the outback not only install a diesel pre-filter but also carry a number of spare elements and these offer a good insurance policy in remote locations where OEM elements might not be common. 

Each filter is supplied with an integrated mounting bracket. This can normally be fixed in engine bays without too much difficulty. Sometimes vehicle specific brackets will need to be fashioned however these do not need to be complicated or expensive and many handy people or mechanical workshops will knock these up without trouble.

Included with each kit are 2 x hose tail fittings and 2 x plugs. The filter has multiple inlets and outlets so users can select which suit their installation best with hoses connected on the same or opposing sides if they wish.

Incorporation into your fuel system is as simple as cutting the existing diesel fuel hose supply and installing the pre-filter inline upstream of the existing OEM filter.

Some improvements you can see with a Pre-Filter and improved fuel quality
  • Increase of RPM / power
  • Cleaner/clearer exhaust smoke
  • Reduce foul smelling odour caused by contamination
  • Easier engine startup
Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)

Australia and New Zealand extreme weather conditions are no stranger to its inhabitants, coupled with bad diesel fuel quality, diesel engine owners have come to learn, sometimes expensively, that protection is of utmost importance. It's no secret that generally speaking our fuel is of poor quality and suffers ULSD. It's also been discovered that ULSD is more susceptible to water emulsification, necessitating a dedicated pre-fuel filter to combat the adverse effects of dirty fuel.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Installs quickly and simple to service
  • Visually identify water in your fuel
  • Economic 30 micron replacement elements available


Specification Paddock™ SDFILV
Suitable Fuels

Diesel and all derivatives

Not suitable for use with Petrol

Max. Flow Rate (LPH) 1368
Height (mm) 559
Width (mm) 152
Depth (mm) 178
Element removal clearance 254
Max. Pressure (PSI) 15
Bowl Capacity (mL) 305
Clean Pressure Drop (PSI) 0.43
Water Removal Efficiency 99%
Max. Fuel Temperature 88C°
Inclusions 2 x 3/8" BSP hose tails / 2 x plugs



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