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Gardening Tipper Trailer


PRICE: $599.00 (inc GST)

A dual function tipper trailer or garden cart made by Paddock Machinery. Can be used as a tow behind trailer for ride on mowers, ATVs, quad bikes and four wheel motorcycles. A quick release handle allows the cart to be tipped and emptied with ease. Heavy duty, UV resistant poly construction tub with sturdy steel frame, axle and hitch.

Poly Tipper Trailer or Cart

- Ideal for ATVs, Ride-on Mowers, Quad Bikes & Four Wheelers

A versatile accessory with applications for home, garden, acreage, construction and farming use. Carry sizable loads with ease. Ideal for soils, fertiliser, mulch, hay, feeds and more. The design incorporating the tipper function is a great aid for people on small acreages or farms. To tip or dump the cart the operator needs only step on the quick release lever and the contents of the trailer can be emptied. Due to the way the weight is distributed evenly over the pivot point the load requires minimal effort to tip. The trailer is made to be low maintenance with sealed bearings, in fact the only ongoing work required is occasionally pumping up the tires. The tow behind feature utilises a standard tow hitch and pin. This means it can be attached to ride on mowers, quad bikes, ATVs and other small vehicles. 

Specification Value
Maximum Capacity 272kg
Volume 283 L / 10 ft3
Overall Size 166 x 91 x 66 cm
Maximum Tow Speed 16 kph

UV stabilised, one piece, poly corrosion proof bed

Black enamel coated steel frame

Hitch Pin type

2x 16" Pneumatic, puncture resistant

Sealed, no maintenance bearings

Warranty 12 Months

Spare Parts: If ever needed a range of spare parts and replacements are available for this trailer. Another reason to purchase from a trusted supplier.

Assembly: The ATV dump cart trailer requires assembly taking about 30 minutes and is supplied flat packed for ease of storage and transportation.

Warning: This item is not suitable for highway or on road use.



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