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Lawn Dethatcher


PRICE: $4,899.00 (inc GST)

Performance and reliability! Paddock™ lawn dethatchers are robust with high performance. Incorporated into each unit is a genuine Honda GX160 engine, the most trusted engines in their class. Designed and built for Australian conditions this dethatcher (also known as a verticutter or power rake) is second to none. Easily adjusted to a range of heights, the continuous lever mechanism gives a full range of positions allowing for very targeted removal of thatch for each grass type. An ideal piece of lawn equipment for professional landscapers right through to home gardeners. See your lawn and grass thrive as dethatching frees the soil and root structures.

Paddock™ Lawn Dethatcher Verti-cutter Power Rake
  • Genuine Honda GX160 Engine
  • Heavy duty, trade quality construction
  • Reliable and simple pull start
  • Simple to service and maintain
  • Popular with hire companies due to performance & reliability


The Paddock™ lawn dethatcher, also know as a verticutter or power rake are popular with DIY & home gardeners through to professional landscapers. Incorporating a high powered Honda engine gives the dethatcher a high working efficiency allowing you to dethatch large grass areas with ease. Maintenance is simple and can be performed by most handy people. If that's not your cup of tea then the de-thatcher can be serviced and maintained at any mower shop. The two year warranty through Paddock™ will give you peace of mind. However if parts are ever required we stock a full range. Honda GX160's are a popular engine and parts & service can be sourced easily. Spare blades are readily available through Paddock Machinery and are easily replaced. Given the hardened alloy steel construction, years of trouble free use should be achieved before replacement.

Paddock™ has designed and built the dethatcher for Australian conditions and with the user in mind. Vertical spinning blades are engaged smoothly via a centrifugal clutch system operated with a single hand actuated lever. With four independently turning wheels the verticutter is easily turned and maneuvered. The Paddock™ quick fold handles make storage and transport a breeze.

Why de-thatch your lawn?

Thatch is a built up layer of dead and living grass matter such as leaves, roots and stems. This layer sits beneath the grass blades but on top of the soil surface. Depending on the environment and time of year the thatch build up can have detrimental effects on your lawn regardless of how much you fertilise or treat the grass. Traditional mowing is unable to remove thatch and further adds to the problem. Aerators will alleviate the symptoms of thatch giving some access to the soil but for the best results a dethatching machine or power rake is recommended to remove the majority of thatch from the soil surface. This gives a longer lasting effect and improved results for your lawn.

Dethatching your lawn offers many advantages including:

  • Removal of thatch and reducing soil compaction
  • Increased access to the grass roots for moisture, air, fertiliser, food...
  • Easy plantation of seeds into the soil
  • Increased seed germination
  • Reduced weeds
  • Increased lawn density and appearance


Lawn Dethatcher PLDTHGX160
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
Dethatching Width 22" (560mm)
Cutting depth up to 40mm deep
Cut Spacing
Working Efficiency 15,000 sq. feet per hour
No. of Tines 15
Height Adjustment Continuous adjustment +/- 3.0cm
Tine Length 80mm
Drive Belt driven
Max. Operating Slope 20 degrees
Sound Levels 68 dB at 7m
Drive Clutch Automatic centrifugal clutch
Engine Honda GX160 4-stroke single cylinder OHV petrol engine. 25° inclined cylinder. Horizontal shaft.
Power 3.6kW (4.8HP) at 3,600 rpm
Start Pull Start
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L

Puncture proof, solid rubber.

Rear - 10"

Front - 8"

Tine Axle Fixed axle with sealed bearings
Wheel Axles Independent front and rear
Construction Heavy duty, powdercoated steel
Features Lifting & tie-down points. Proprietary soft tine engagement. Quick fold handles.
Weight 60kg
Warranty 2 Year (Includes engine and machine)



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