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PRICE: $699.00 (inc GST)

This petrol engine driven sprayer/mister/duster by PADDOCK machinery is perfect for use in the agriculture and farming industry for the dispersion of a range of chemicals, herbicides and insecticides. It's backpack design makes it highly portable and effective over larger areas.

Back Pack Petrol Powered Sprayer or Mister or Duster

This unit has a range of uses and is easy to master by the professional or home enthusiast. The engine drives a high speed fan, similar to a leaf blower. Some key differences are the pressure from the fan is used to pressurise the solution or powder tank which directs fluid to the adjustable spray nozzle at the end of the unit. Fine droplets are dispersed into the air stream which carry distances of 11m+.

The pressurised tank design of the PADDOCK unit is ideal for people wanting to spray vertically into tree foliage as even with the discharge pipe pointed upwards the solution will still flow. Imitation units struggle operating in this manner and have very limited applications for ground crops only. The PADDOCK mister will discharge over 9m vertically and over 12m horizontally.

Dusting is also possible with this unit as it incorporates a powder gate which drops fine powders and granular products directly into the fan casing. Users can apply up to ~6 kg/min of power or 20 kg/min of granular products onto fields and soils to help establish crops or prepare for farming.

This unit allows the operator to easily adjust the engine speed and chemical flow from the hand controls without stopping and removing the unit from their back. Ideal for commercial users targeting specific areas or zones for application.


  • Spraying weeds and pests with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals.
  • Spraying dense foliage areas for problem weed eradication.
  • Vertical misting orchards and crops with unique pressure tank design.
  • Dispensing chemicals on gardens and prepared soils.
  • Sanitising, disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Spraying livestock.


Back Pack Weed Sprayer Features:

  • Lightweight and portable with manageable 14L tank.
  • Quality petrol engine which meets strict Australian emissions regulations
  • >Efficient distribution of water based herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.
  • Reliable and durable poly chemical resistant construction.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design with dual harness.
  • Large misting range up to 12m + wind effects.
  • Apply up to 4.5 L/min via the adjustable flow rate settings
  • Integrated filter to prevent blockages.
  • Large filling lid which allows easy access and cleaning.
  • Adjustable spray head.
  • Easy to control levers for engine throttle and chemical flow.


Need a Mosquito Barrier Treatment?

Add Bifenthrin Insecticide via the tick boxes at the top of this page - only for use with power sprayers due to the larger droplet size, not suitable for ULV (ultra low volume) fogging.

This insecticide can be applied with the power sprayer and will produce a barrier treatment against mosquitoes with residual effects lasting up to 6 weeks.  Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn when applying this chemical. Always read the label in full before use.  For mosquitoes, mix 50-100ml of chemical with 10L of water and apply to foliage and outside surfaces frequented by mosquitoes.

 Power Sprayer Specification Details
Chemical Container Volume 14 L
Chemical Consumption / Dispersion Rate  0 - 4.5 L / min
Droplet size 52 - 72 micron with standard nozzle
Misting Range ~12 m horizontally
~9.5 m vertically
Powder and Granular Products Dispersion Rate ~6 kg/min of power
~20 kg/min of granular products
Weight 10 kg (unloaded)
Fuel Tank Volume ~1 L
Engine Power 4 hp 
Engine Type Single cylinder, 2-Stroke, Air cooled meeting Australia emissions certification requirements
Fuel 50:1 (unleaded petrol : 2 stroke oil)
Ignition Spark Plug, Non contact, electronic
Starting Method Recoil
Warranty 12 Months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009