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Seed & Fertiliser Spreader (Heavy Duty)


PRICE: $1,699.00 (inc GST)

A heavy duty upgrade on the Paddock SSFS80 tow behind spreader. Made with strong, steel hopper, larger capacity and oversized, oil filled gearbox. Ideal for seed and fertiliser spreading applications where a PTO tractor spreader is not available. Tow behind quad bikes, four wheelers, ATVs and more. Built tough to last in Australian conditions.

'Paddock' Heavy Duty 350Lb Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

  • use to distribute and spread seeds, fertilizers, lime, gypsum, sand, salt and other granular products
  • tow behind quad bikes, four wheelers, ATVs, tractors, utilities
  • uses a standard 50mm tow ball hitch
Paddock Spreader Applications

This spreader is extremely versatile in the product which can be used, almost all granular and flowing material is suitable. The most popular application is spreading seeds for paddocks, fields, lawns, acreages, golf courses and the like. Fertilisers and other soil additives can be spread such as fertilisers, lime, sand and gypsum. Many customers choose to mix up batches of seed and fertiliser so the area can be treated in a single pass.

Broadcast Seeder Operation

The broadcast spreader is simple to use, fill the hopper and couple to your quad bike, tractor or other vehicle. The unit is unpowered and the seed is spread by a broadcast paddle which is turned by the gears spun by the rotating axle. A spread width of over 6 meters can be obtained. A handle connected to a slide at the bottom of the hopper allows for easy control over the rate of seed or fertiliser distribution. 

Paddock Spreader construction

The seeder is of heavy duty construction designed to withstand the harsh elements experienced outdoors in Australia. The hopper is steel construction allowing larger weights of seed and to prevent deterioration in the sun like poly hoppers. One significant upgrade on this model is the gearbox. Oversized, strong and oil filled to ensure decades of trouble free use. The wheels were specified large at 14" diameter with 6" width to prevent them compacting soils, dropping into holes and to reduce vibration and rattling. These seeders have been made to last!

Attaching to the seeder

The spreader utilises a standard 50mm tow ball hitch like those found on most quad bikes, ATVs and farm utes. It's mounted on an adjustable length shaft allowing the seeder to be used on a variety of vehicles and machines.

Paddock Seeder / Fertilizer Specifications
Type Tow Behind Spreader

158kg / 350Lb

Hopper Volume 160L

~8000 square meters

Seed Flow


Spread width

6+ meters (Depends on granule type and tow speed)

Frame Construction

Steel with black powder coat

Hopper Construction

Heavy duty steel construction

Gearbox Cast iron, Oil filled, Heavy duty gearbox
Wheels 2x 14" Diameter Pneumatic Tyres with 6" Width (14"/600-6)
Attachment / Linkage Adjustable Standard 2" 50mm Tow Ball Hitch
Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009