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Ute Crane


PRICE: $499.00 (inc GST)

Perfect for utes, trailers, workshops and trucks, these hydraulic powered ute cranes make lifting and loading a breeze. Perfect for trades loading construction equipment, farmers lifting materials and so much more. 

  • Heavy duty fully welded construction with powder coated finish
  • Smooth 360 degree swivel on quality bearings
  • Max. Lifting capacity 900kg
  • Extendable boom for increased access
  • Simple fitment to most surfaces
  • Fast to assemble and begin benefiting from this item

Workplace injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling and bending cost Australian businesses millions of dollars each year. Many of these injuries can be avoided with the correct equipment and tools. 

These ute cranes are a cost effective way to lift and move loads up to 900 kg. They can be mounted to a range of surfaces including utes, trailers and trucks. Bolt this unit to the concrete floor in your workshop as a helpful tool for lifting loads to the workbench or onto a pallet. 

The crane has an extendable boom which allows reaches to ~1.3m radius. Raise and lower the load with ease using the included hydraulic ram. The smooth swivel rotation allows the load to be moved from this single tool. In the correct configuration this crane can raise objects from 170mm to 1800mm elevation offering more then enough movement to load utilities.

These cranes are built to Paddock Machinery's high standards and offer over engineered, heavy duty construction. The integrated grease nipple ensures super smooth and long lasting movement. The rams used in these cranes are rated to a massive 3 tonne and feature an extended ram length for greater performance and functionality.  

These units are a great addition to your fleet with operators quickly coming to rely on their presence with so many uses and applications. You'll wonder how you ever did without this tool. Stop destroying your body and benefit from this simple to use hydraulic crane.

It is recommended these cranes be stored in the down position when not in use and this helps to protect the hydraulic ram piston from impacts and will also keep it out of the elements. Storing in the manner will also prevent the crane for swinging around dangerously whilst underway in your vehicle. 

 Specifications Value
Working Load Limit (WLL) 900 kg
Lifting positions 900/700/500/300 kg
Min. Lifting Radius 930 mm
Max. Lifting Radius 1295 mm
Folded Height 1355 mm
Min. Lifting Height 170mm
Max. Lifting Height 1800 mm
Weight 52 kg
Base Dimensions 270 x 270 mm
Hydraulics Manual 3,000 kg long reach
Includes  Safety chain and hook
Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months


Scintex can ship this item anywhere in Australia. Please contact us for a shipping quote to your location before ordering. Due to the size of the product each order requires a freight quote. 


Ensure the surface, tray or mounting area for the crane is sufficiently reinforced to handle the loads experienced at the base of the crane. We highly recommend professional installation.




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