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Wood Chipper


PRICE: $3,699.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock™ portable, petrol engine wood chipper quickly and effectively chips and mulches all your garden and farming debris. With a massive 17HP 4-stroke engine, this unit is suitable for light commercial applications and is ideal for small acreage and farming. The modern horizontal drum design allows for chipping of most materials including hard woods and large branches.

Portable Paddock Petrol Engine Wood Chipper

The Paddock™ horizontal drum chipper design has been engineered with greater simplicity which aids in its performance. The heavy duty rotating drum design develops great inertia, allowing it to chip larger diameter branches in a range of materials including common Australian hardwoods. The unit utilises brute power rather than ultra sharp blades to mulch meaning it is less prone to ongoing servicing to achieve optimal performance.

  • Quality sealed and greaseable bearings ensure reliable operation and minimise maintenance requirements
  • Genuine Ducar 17HP 4 stroke commercial engine
  • Suitable for hard and soft woods, capable of chipping branches up to 120mm diameter
  • Heavy duty heat treated hammer blades
  • Large wheels and tow hitch make transport around acreages simple
  • Simple to service and maintain with spares available in Australia
  • 12 Months Australian warranty


The Paddock™ chipper is simple to relocate around your property as it's supplied with a tow hitch, heavy duty chassis and large off-road wheels. The trailer is not road registerable but can be towed behind your quad bike, ATV or farm utility at slow speeds around your property. The chipper comes with an adjustable discharge chute allowing the chips to be directed and collected as desired.

With a large inlet hopper users can feed modestly sized branches with ease. The deep chute makes for a safe operating design which limits the users interaction with the heavy duty hammer blades.

The unit runs two rotating heat treated hammer blades along with a heavy duty fixed blade. The feed material is chipped with ease thanks to the high engine power and great spinning inertia. Having fixed and rotating blades means the wear and tear from daily use is localised to simple to replace consumable components. The chippers blades are straight forward to access and spares are available. 

Quality Ducar Petrol Engines

Powered by a Ducar 17hp commercial petrol 4-stroke engine, the Paddock™ chipper is well powered to perform. Ducar is one of the worlds largest air cooled engine manufacturer with products in most established countries. Ducar engines meet strict emissions standards and are well proven across Australia. The engine comes fitted with dual starting options to allow manual recoil or electric start. 

The unit is fitted with dual Kevlar drive belts that ensure the power from the powerful engine is effectively delivered to the rotating chipper drum.

Heavy Duty Construction

When it comes to chipper designs, stronger and heavier is better. The Paddock™ chipper uses a heavy weight, horizontal drum design with heat treated hammer blades to smash through timbers of all hardness. The units overall quality is evident by the heavy steel construction. Oversized, easy to access and grease bearings support the rotating anvil/drum and ensure smooth performance. With a chipping capacity of 120mm diameter branches, this unit is extremely capable and will handle common acreage debris. Having a higher powered chipper makes yard work faster and less strenuous on the operator.  


Specifications SPWCHIP
Engine 17HP 4 stroke Ducar DH457-X Commercial Petrol Engine
Starter Dual Recoil / Electric

1 x fixed / 2 x rotating

Heavy duty heat treated steel


Max. Capacity
120mm diameter
Blade Speed 2,000 rpm
Drive Dual Kevlar Belts
Discharge Chute Adjustable
Wheels 16*8.0-7 ATV Pneumatic Wheel
Dimensions 1800mm (H) x 800mm (W) x 1150mm (L)
Weight 190 kg
Warranty 12 months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009