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The Paddock™ diesel engine loader makes light work of the toughest jobs. Built strong with quality components, this loader is compatible with a full range of attachments including trenchers, augers and 4 in 1 buckets. This is the ideal machine for small business operators through to large construction companies needing a smaller footprint unit for tight area access.

Paddock Mini Loaders Dingo Digga Attachments

Paddock Mini Loaders are compatible with the Digga range of machinery attachments.

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Diesel Engine Tracked or Wheeled Loader

Available in a wheeled or tracked design, these diesel engine loaders have greater power and capability then their smaller petrol engine equivalent. With the larger 28hp diesel engine, users can be faster and more efficient on a greater range of job sites.

  • Quality 'manufactured in England' Perkins 28hp diesel engine
  • Large 400kg load carrying capacity
  • Simple Joystick drive control
  • Heavy duty steel construction with CNC laser cut build accuracy
  • Well balanced for turning & traversing with loads
  • Quality powder coating prevents corrosion
  • Simple key start ignition 
  • Japanese NSK bearings throughout
  • Triple hydraulic pumps offers increased flows and pressures for demanding applications
  • Parker hydraulic hoses
  • Oil cooler and radiator upgraded for harsh Australian climate
  • Upgraded Donaldson cyclonic air filtration system

Paddock Machinery

Exceptional quality at a realistic price, Paddock™ loaders are ideal for the commercial trade user. The Paddock difference is that quality components, sourced from all over the world, are used to deliver the perfect package. Bulk buying power savings are passed onto the consumer, to offer a turn key unit that competes with the bigger name players, at a realistic price. Scintex is proud to offer the Paddock™ brand to Australian customers offering local support and parts for the life of the machine.  

Diesel Engine Loader

These models run a triple hydraulic pump system meaning the unit is optimised not only for driving, but also for use with attachments which might have high flow demands or increased pressure requirements. The pumps work together to providing 18-25Mpa of hydraulic pressure depending on the application.This design is perfect for all the common uses such as trenching, augering, rock breaking, digging and general traversing.The machine is fast, capable and a pleasure to operate.

The diesel engine is made in England by Perkins, a known and trusted name for diesel engines. Perkins is a subsidiary of Caterpillar and are world renown for building quality commercial diesel engines. The engine is fuel efficient, smooth and compliments the package well. Perkins diesel engines are well supported all over Australia so users know they're buying quality. 

Mini Digger Uses

The Paddock mini digger is so versatile with literally 1000's of uses. If you're only going to own one machine, this should be it. So simple to use and small enough to navigate through side gates around houses, this machine brings massive amounts of hydraulic power direct to your fingertips. The Paddock machine is extremely capable with increased capacities when compared to other popular machines in the market giving it greater ability whilst retaining a small footprint. 

This mini digger is great for landscapers, tradesmen and the home handyman alike. The 4-in-1 bucket allows dirt, rocks, sand, bark, logs plus so much to be easily scooped, grabbed or dug. Load the bucket with fertiliser or grab bails of hay. With a maximum reach of 1.6m you can easily load utes and trailers. These machines are ideal for excavating under houses, boring post holes, add the trencher attachment and lay cables and piping with ease. With the right attachments users can rip or rotary tiller paddocks, pick up large rocks, even grind stumps. Paddock mini diggers can help mix concrete, slash paddocks or simply tow caravans and boats around yards.

The engine drives a hydraulic pump which is the heart of the machine. Hydraulics drive the wheels or tracks and also allow the use of a range of hydraulic implements. Paddock loaders feature USA Permco and Italian high pressure hydraulic pumps, which create up to 25 MPa of pressure and flow over 45L/min, more than enough to run the most demanding attachments and implements. 

Mini Loader Attachments and Accessories

The real power of these machines is in the accessories and available attachments. Paddock™ machines feature an quick hitch plate meaning you can buy or rent attachments commonly available on the market and integrate with your Paddock machine.

Each machines is advertised as a bare machine without any attachments, users can select the attachments as optional extras for the particular application. 

Recommended attachment - 4 in 1 Bucket 

The 4 in 1 bucket is one of the most useful tools you will ever own. Suited for grading, scraping, grappling, dozing dirt or material spreading, and most construction work. Two hose hydraulic connection makes attachment quick and simple. Optional teeth can be added to the Paddock™ 4 in 1 bucket range.

Don't Compromise Quality

When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. Paddock only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life. Ensure you're getting genuine branded equipment, not some Chinese copy.

Paddock Mini Loader Specifications

Mini Loader Model STRKL2000
Machine Load Capacity 400 Kg (without additional counter weight)

0-5 km/hr

Engine Perkins 28hp Diesel (Manufactured in England)
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Tank Volume 40L
Starter Key start
Battery 12v 45Ah Maintenance Free
Air Filter Donaldson
Hydraulic Valve

Italian HC Hydraulic Servo Control Valve

Joystick drive control

Hydraulic Pump

1 x USA PERMCO Pump, 18 Mpa

2 x Italian high pressure pump, 25 Mpa

Hydraulic Oil Tank 35 L
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Standard
Hydraulic Connections Italian DNP Flat Faced G1/2, G3/8 Quick Connects
Bearings Japanese NSK throughout
Hitch Plate

 585 x 230 mm (W x H)

Pin Spacing 360 mm C/C (20mm pins)

Drive Train

4 Ply, tubeless, construction tyres 23" x 8.5-12

Tracks 200x72x45

Operating Weight

1330 kg

Machine Dimensions

2067 mm (L) x 1080mm (W) x 1496 mm (H) 


24 Months Parts Supply Warranty 

12 month Global Perkins Diesel Engine Warranty

Mini Loader Service and Maintenance

The Paddock Mini Loader offered by Scintex is designed to have trouble free and easy maintenance. Like any small engine the oil will require changing at predetermined intervals. The hydraulic fluids will require monitoring and periodic replacement also. The machine with 4 in 1 bucket features over 20 easy to access grease nipples. Very limited mechanical knowledge is required to maintain these machines. A maintenance program is supplied with each Paddock Mini Loader. 

Note: The engines are often stored and transported with only enough oil to keep the unit lubricated and additional oil may need to be added before started.


This item can be shipped Australia wide and is also available for pick up from our Brisbane warehouse. This item has a shipping weight of over 1,000kg. We advise contacting us for a freight quote to your location. A fork lift will be required at the receiver's location for unloading otherwise we'll need to quote on a tail lift truck for delivery.



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