Power Wheel Barrow


PRICE: $5,499.00 (inc GST)

Constructed with uncompromising quality, Paddock's motorised power barrow is the envy of all competitors. With a variety of functional accessories on offer these powered mini dumpers have endless uses and applications. This motorised mini dumper was designed to exceed the best on the market.

'Paddock' Motorised Wheelbarrow or Mini Loader

  • Larger 300kg load carrying capacity
  • Well balanced for turning & tipping
  • Upgraded hot dip galvanised bucket prevents corrosion
  • Powerful Briggs and Stratton industrial 4-stroke engine with easy start recoil standard or Brushless Motor Electric alternative
  • USA Hydro-Gear Hydro Static Transmission with worldwide warranty provides stepless speed change

    Paddock Machinery

    Paddock machinery and equipment is extremely high quality designed for the commercial and trade user. Paddock only use quality components sourced from all over the world to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for all their machines. Scintex is proud to offer the Paddock brand to Australian customers offering local support and parts for the life of the machine.  

    Power Barrow Uses

    Power wheel barrows are versatile to say the least. Their small size gives them access to places other machinery and loaders won't reach. They also have a low foot print and centre of weight making them ideal for slops and steep gradients. The Paddock barrows are 4 wheel drive and with 5.5HP under the hood, they negotiate tough terrain with ease. They are small enough to fit through doorways and gates, making them ideal for use on building construction sites and for the home handy man/lady. Suitable for use on farms, concreting, bricks,  general construction, mining, landscaping and almost any job where a standard wheelbarrow could be used. Capable of carrying rock, cement, dirt and fill plus much more.

    Paddock barrow's are chain driven by the industrial Briggs and Stratton petrol engine. A genuine USA built Hydro-Gear transmission is use to provide stepless speed change with both forward and reverse selection. Engine RPM and Hydro-gear lever engagement give the ultimate in speed control allowing you to travel quickly when traversing vast distances or slow and controlled on steep slopes.

    Motorised Barrow Engine Briggs and Statton power wheelbarrow

    With advancements in technology over the past 10yrs, Briggs and Stratton continues to be a name synonymous with reliability when it comes to small displacement 4 stroke engines. With their easy recoil start, they negate the down time and reliability issues seen with electric starters and having to maintain and charge batteries.

    One simple pull and you're away with quiet and ultra smooth running. Large clear access to the engine makes fuelling and maintaining the engine effortless and easy.  The 700E SERIES™ DOV® engine delivers breakthrough performance driven by technology that makes a difference you can SEE, FEEL and HEAR. The patented Direct Overhead Valve (DOV®) engine delivers more torque, improved sound quality, and less noise and vibration than competitive engines in the same class.

    New Model - Electric Battery Powered Brushless Motor Wheel Barrow

    Developed by popular request for use in confined spaces or underground where combustion engine restrictions apply, the PADDOCK electric wheel barrow can now be used. With the same build quality as the original petrol engine model, this battery powered model is quiet and highly efficient and still packs a pouch with the same large 300 kg capacity. Transport a range of materials include soil, rocks, fruit and vegetables or building materials at up to 5 km per hour. Great for night time construction with low operating noise. With run times up to 8 hrs, this electric model is a viable alternative to the combustion engine model.

    Electric Battery Wheel Barrow

    Power Barrow Accessories

    Every wheel barrow supplied by Scintex comes with the bucket / barrow standard. You then have several additional accessories to choose from depending on your intended use. 

    Flat bed option - The bucket can be easily and quickly be removed and the flat bed attached. These are great for transferring bags of feed, bails of hay, as well as steel, wood and other items.

    Blade or plough - A very popular upgrade and it can simply be added to the front of the barrow without removing the bucket. It has 2 wheels to stabilise and assist movement as well as an extension handle to allow the user to vary the pitch on the blade. The angle of the blade can be adjusted from 45 degrees to the left or right. An ideal extra for leveling dirt, fill, wood chips and pebbles as well as clearing snow and footpaths.

    2" tow ball and hitch  - can be fitted to the front allowing the barrow to push/pull and move boats, caravans, trailers and other equipment within the load capacity of the barrow.

    When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. Paddock only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life. Ensure you're getting genuine branded equipment, not some Chinese copy.


    Power Wheel Barrow Specifications

    Model SPBBS300 SPBE300
    Load rating 300 kg 300 kg
    Bucket Volume 6 cu. feet  6 cu. feet

    Briggs and Stratton 750 series 4 Stroke

    5.5hp Petrol Engine

    Electric Brushless Motor

    Battery powered

    Run time up to 8hrs
    Starter Easy Recoil Pull Start N/A
    Speed 0-8 km/hr 0-5 km/hr
    Max Climb Angle 20 degrees loaded to capacity 30 degrees loaded to capacity
    Drive Twin Chain Drive Twin Chain Drive

    USA built Hydro-Gear Hydro Static

    w/ forward and reverse 

    Forward and reverse via electric motor control
    Motion True all 4 wheel drive True all 4 wheel drive
    Tyres Pneumatic 2 ply puncture resist Pneumatic 2 ply puncture resist
    Weight ~105kg ~120kg
    Dimensions 780mm (W) x 1600mm (L)  x 1000mm (H) 780mm (W) x 1600mm (L) x 1000mm (H)

    12 Months Scintex Parts Supply Warranty 

    12 month global Briggs and Stratton Engine Warranty

    12 month global Hydro-Gear Transmission warranty 

    12 months
    Notes Electric model is supplied with a 240v battery charger.

    Engine Specifications

    Engine Briggs and Stratton 750EX Series™ I/C® DOV®
    Style 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Overhead valve, Vertical Shaft
    Displacement 161cc
    Power 5.5 HP
    Ignition Transistorised magneto ignition
    Starting Recoil Starter
    Cooling Air forced
    Fuel Unleaded Petrol
    Fuel Consumption 1.1 L/h at 3,000 rpm
    Fuel Tank Volume 1L


    Other Barrow & Mini Dumper Features

    • Chain safety guards
    • Nyloc nuts on fixtures
    • Quick brake and belt adjustment
    • Galvanised steel bucket


    Service & Maintenance

    The Paddock motorised power wheel barrow offered by Scintex is designed to have trouble free and easy maintenance. The gearbox and diffs are sealed and rarely require attention. Like any small engine the oil will require changing at predetermined intervals. Otherwise general maintenance checks and lubrication of chains and other components is required as per the table below. All maintenance points are simple to access and very limited mechanical knowledge is required to maintain this machine.

     Service Item Interval
    Engine Oil 50 hrs (After 5 hrs on engine break in) 
    Gearbox Sealed maintenance free
    Differential Sealed maintenance free
    Chains Lubricate after 10 - 15 hrs
    Air Filter 50 - 100 hrs depending on environment
    Tyre Pressure 30 PSI - Check before each use
    Brake / Cables Adjust every 50 hrs
    Belt Tension Check 50 hrs (replace if wear present)
    Spark Plug Inspect 50 hrs

     Note: The engines are stored and transported with only enough oil to keep the unit lubricated and additional oil will need to be added before started.

    Power Barrow Control Panel Label



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