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Rock Breaker


PRICE: $7,999.00 (inc GST)

Paddock Machinery offers extremely high quality equipment at affordable prices. Ideal for professional and trade applications, when buying Paddock brand you can rest assured you're getting a heavy duty proven design that won't let you down.

'Paddock' Hydraulic Rock Breaker Attachment

The Paddock range of mini loaders are proving to be the most versatile mini loader on the market and the huge range of accessories and attachments allows more and more trades to take advantage of the full capabilities from a single machine.

The mini loader rock breaker attachment allows your loader or skid steer to perform a range of demolition tasks such as breaking up concrete, cement, pathways, bitumen, roads and rocks to name a few. Easy to connect to your loader, the rock breaker or hydraulic hammer is simply activated with the auxiliary hydraulic lever.

Paddock Rock Breakers are simple in design and made to be robust, reliable and simple in maintenance. The hydraulic power from the carrier is used to press the piston against a gas pressure. Then the gas pressure generates the impact power. This ensures the highest possible efficiency when it comes to impact energy.

Whilst this is a Paddock branded attachment it is suitable for use on other brand machines, users should take care to ensure the machine has mass to accommodate this size an attachment before proceeding. The Paddock loaders are larger and heavier then many competing brands with higher hydraulic pump capacities making them suitable and compatible with such size attachments. This implement has a dry weight of over 130kg which gives an indication of the construction strength and quality.

Rock Breaker Features

  • High power to weight ratio
  • Patented valve system - simple hydraulic circuit with large dimension oil passages
  • Reliable and simple maintenance
  • Fully closed frame with noise and vibration dampening system



Rock Breaker Specifications
Weight 130 kg
Working Pressure 90 - 120 Bar (1300 - 1740 psi)
Hydraulic Flow 25 - 40 L/min
Hose Diameter 1/2"
Chisel Diameter 45mm
Impact Rate 550 - 1000 bpm
85dB(A) radius 3 - 5 m
Dimensions 1300mm x 612mm x 318mm
Warranty 12 months

Don't Compromise Quality

When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. Paddock only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life. Ensure you're getting genuine branded equipment, not some Chinese copy.



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