Paddock Excavator Series 17


Paddock™ excavators are built to make light work of the toughest jobs. Quality components and smart engineering design delivers a high performance excavator package. The excavator can be used with a full range of attachments for applications such as trenching, auguring, rock breaking and bulk materials transfer. This is the ideal machine for small business operators and acreage owners through to large construction companies needing a smaller footprint unit for tight area access.

Diesel Engine Tracked Excavator

The series 17 Paddock™ Excavator offers smooth performance with impressive power combining an efficient diesel engine with powerful hydraulics and quality componentry.

The narrow width makes this machine ideal for tight access jobs of small to medium size. The unit is perfect for individual contractors as well as landowners who want the independence of working at their own pace without sacrificing capability.

  • Quality water cooled diesel engine
  • Impressive 15kN excavating force
  • Boom swing functionality
  • Supplied with a 400mm bucket fitted
  • Smooth Hydraulic Joystick Controls
  • Heavy duty steel construction with CNC laser cut build accuracy
  • Full function with traverse, swing and dig capabilities
  • Auxiliary hydraulic connection making it compatible with a range of attachments including augers, rock breakers and grapples etc.
  • Simple key start ignition
  • 2yr warranty from an established Australian business
Paddock Machinery

Exceptional quality at a realistic price, Paddock™ excavators are ideal for the commercial trade user through to the small property owner. The Paddock difference is that quality components, sourced from all over the world, are used to deliver the perfect package. Bulk buying power savings are passed onto the consumer, to offer turn key units that compete with the bigger name players, at a realistic price. Scintex is proud to offer the Paddock™ brand to Australian customers offering local support and parts support for the life of the machine.

Diesel Engine Excavator

The Series 17 runs a 3-cyclinder, water cooled, diesel engine. The engines are smooth, reliable and offer exceptional performance. The engines are fuel efficient making them economical to run. This excavator is ideal for private contractors or new business starters looking for a capable machine that's not going to break the bank.

High Specification Quality Components

The Paddock™ brand prides itself on offering exceptional value for money without sacrificing quality and this is achieved by upgrading key components to make the products offered 'better' than the competition. The Series 17 excavator is no exception and comes with a high performance hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic pump is the heart of the excavator as it generates the oil pressure to run the downstream rams and motors. Running a high quality hydraulic pump helps achieve the high performance this machine delivers.

The drive motors and swing motor on the Paddock™ Series 17 excavator are also upgraded resulting in smoother and more controllable operation making the units enjoyable to operate.

The hydraulic control valves and joystick in the Paddock™ excavators have been selected to offer smooth performance for the operator. This hydraulic control is a upgrade over many other small excavators and makes for a exceptional control experience. The joystick controls will be familiar to experienced operators and make operation a breeze.

Heavy Duty Excavator Construction

The Paddock™ Excavator range are built to the highest specifications with CNC laser cut steel sections making their build and assembly very accurate and ultimately extremely strong. The excavator designs are well proven meaning users are getting a machine that performs to the highest level when it's delivered.

Service and maintenance is simplified with the incorporation of grease injection nipples at pivot points. Access covers to the diesel engine simplifies routine maintenance meaning the excavator is not only simple to operate but also easy to maintain.

Use the power of hydraulics and the heavy duty build design to achieve the most from the Series 17 excavator.

Quick Coupling and Auxiliary Hydraulics standard

The Series 17 excavators by Paddock™ feature and include as standard a simple and reliable quick hitch design. This design makes it fast for the operator to loosen the hitch and switch between attachments without having to hammer out pins. The design means switching between a ripper and a larger batter bucket is time efficient and realistic during normal operation.

Paddock™ Excavator Uses

Paddock™ excavators have a multitude of uses and experienced operators can achieve more from this machine than the average person would ever believe possible. New operators will quickly feel comfortable with the straightforward controls.

The narrow track width of the Series 17 machine makes it ideal for tight area access. Landscapers who need to access at the rear of houses and via gate access will love the maneuverability, functionality and simplicity.

Plumbers and electricians can excavate their own trenches even through narrow access areas. Pits can be excavated quickly greatly increasing the efficiency over manual labour alternatives. No longer are you waiting or dependent on a subcontractor to dig a trench for you.

Fencing contractors needing to auger holes will be impressed with the effortless digging capabilities once a auger drive kit is connected. The hydraulic motor powers the auger into the ground saving back-straining post hole digging.

Landscapers can easily move bucket loads of material with the Paddock™ series 17 excavator and with the addition of the rock breaker attachment, there's very little this machine can't effortlessly work its way through. With an actuating grapple attachment, rocks, logs and many other objects can be individually grabbed and placed in location.

Excavator Attachments and Accessories

The full functionality of these machines is in the accessories and available attachments. Paddock™ excavators feature a quick coupling design meaning you can buy or rent attachments and interchange depending on the job. Additional attachments can always be purchased later to increase the functionality of the machine.

Each machine comes fitted with a 400mm bucket. Users can then select any additional attachments as optional extras for their particular application.

Buckets for trenching and bulk materials movement

The Series 17 machines can run buckets in 200mm/400mm(included standard with machine) / 600mm size. It is not suggested to use buckets greater than 600mm size due to the reduced performance outside this range. The 200mm bucket size is ideal for deep trenching and a popular choice.

Ripper Attachment

The ripper attachment is ideal for loosening hard ground and busting through tough tree roots. The hardened steel ripper tip is reinforced with heavy steel plates to ensure it can handle the tough work.

Augers for digging holes

The Series 17 excavator is available with an auger drive that will turn augers up to 300mm in diameter in most ground types.

If larger augers are required or the ground is especially hard, users may consider a Series 17 Reducer Auger Drive. This driver can be fitted to the Series 17 machine however it will run at lower speeds with greater torque. With this configuration users can drive larger diameter augers.

Rock Breaker

Adding a rock breaker attachment allows for large rocks otherwise too large to be moved to be broken into manageable pieces. The breaker can be used for busting up old concrete driveways and footpaths so they can be lifted, pushed and maneuvered with ease. The rock breaker usilises the auxiliary hydraulic connections and attaches via the quick coupling at the hitch.

Actuating Grapple

The grapple is like a 4 in 1 bucket for your excavator and allows objects to be gripped, lifted, rolled and maneuvered into position. It's ideal for users clearing bush and needing to drag logs and branches. Attaching the grapple takes a little more time as it utilises the excavator's ram to function and therefore needs pins knocked in and out rather than utilising the quick hitch connection like other attachments.

Excavator Rake

The rake attachment is ideal for forestry work where green waste is to be piled for decomposition or burning. The rake can be used for clearing problem vegetation such as lantana.

Don't Compromise Quality

When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. Paddock only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life.

Paddock Series 17 Excavator Specifications

Bucket Excavating Force
15 kN
Lifting Capacity

70kg w/ extended boom

200kg w/ folded boom


3-Cylinder Inline Water Cooled Diesel

Kubota D722

Electric key start

15L fuel tank

Machine Weight
1500 kg
Electrical System 12V
Controls Hydraulic Joystick and Control Valves for the main digging and swing functions
Hydraulic System

40L/min / 16Mpa

Air Cooled

16L Capacity

Drive System


Dual levers and drive pedal design

Boom Swing Included (note, not shown in images)
Swing System 360 degrees
Hitch Design Quick hitch type
Included Attachments 400mm Bucket
Max. Digging Depth
Max. Digging Radius
Max. Digging Height
Max. Dumping Height
Turning Radius 1636mm
Chassis Width
Track Length
Chassis Ground Clearance
40 degrees

2200mm L

1100mm W

2200mm H (with canopy)

Warranty 2 yr warranty
Excavator Service and Maintenance

The Paddock Excavator is designed to have trouble free and easy maintenance. Like any small engine the oil will require changing at predetermined intervals. The hydraulic fluids will require monitoring and periodic replacement also. Grease nipples are present across the machine and it's recommended as part of your daily pre-start checks a small amount of grease be added to the pivots to ensure a long operating life. Very limited mechanical knowledge is required to maintain these machines.




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