Pressure Washers

U-Bend Gutter Lance

SKU: SFG50011

PRICE: $99.00 (inc GST)

A handy, U-shaped lance for your pressure washer to help clean areas like your gutters from the ground level. Connect to your existing pressure washer spray gun or to your telescopic lance. Suits a wide range of pressure washers. Manufactured by Paddock Machinery to the highest standards and specifications.

U-Bend Cleaning Lance

This purpose bent pressure cleaning lance or wand suits a range of pressure washers including hot and cold water washers. The quality construction can handle the pressure and flow of most pressure washers including the Paddock range.

These units are an ideal addition to the telescopic wand to allow the cleaning of household gutters from the ground level. Fit a turbo nozzle or wide angle jet nozzle and spray back down into the gutter.

Specifications SFG50011
Max. Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Max Temperature 90 °C
Suits Hot & Cold Water
Inlet/Outlet 1/4"QD x 1/4"plug



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