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Rotating Sewer Nozzle

SKU: SF3B-18-5.5

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Ideal for cleaning debris from the walls of pipes, these fast rotating cleaning nozzles are durable and effective. Use with pipes containing grease and sludge, the fast rotation of these nozzles loosens and washes away the scale and buildup whilst helping to drive the nozzle deep into the network via the rear facing jets.

Fast Rotating Pipe Jetting Nozzles

These are a heavy duty, fast rotation nozzle that are ideal for cleaning of scaled and fouled pipes. Use the power of high pressure water to displace grease and sludge from the pipe wall. The fast rotating action can also cut through small tree roots. The design of these nozzles helps push the nozzle forward whilst cleaning the pipe wall and encouraging the loose debris to discharge behind the nozzle.

Constructed from heat treated, stainless steel these nozzles are highly durable, resisting corrosion and long lasting whilst still being serviceable. They feature a ceramic coating on the rotating shaft as well as replaceable carbide inserts.

Specifications SF3B-18-5.5 SF3B-14-5.5
1/8" BSP F 1/4" BSP F
Max. Pressure 4,000psi (275 bar) 4,000psi (275 bar)
Max. Flow 20 L/min 20 L/min
Number Jets
3 x rotating rear facing
3 x rotating rear facing
Jetting Angle 25°
Construction Heat Treated 420 Stainless steel Heat Treated 420 Stainless steel

Ideal for use with our range of sewer jetting hoses.



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