Pressure Washers

Sewer Cleaning Nozzle Set (4pc)


PRICE: $164.00 (inc GST)

Cleaning sewers is never fun but these nozzles do make life a little easier by providing a rear facing turbo jet which can be effective in cutting through obstacles such grease, sand and mineral deposits. The turbo action also helps displace general waste build up and small rocks and peddles.  

Reverse Turbo Head Nozzle for Septic Pipes

These nozzles attach via the industry standard 1/4" quick connect fitting and direct up to 4,000 psi pressure into blocked pipes. The turbo nozzle is reverse facing which helps to clear debris as opposed to compacting it into the pipe. 

Turbo nozzles work by spinning a nozzle or jet at a very high speed. The discharged water does not fan meaning the force of the jet stream does not dissipate like ordinary nozzles. The concentrated jet stream hitting the surface is equivalent to a cleaning effect up to 60% higher than with a fan jet making turbo nozzles very popular and highly effective under many applications.

Specifications SPWSJN
Max. Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Max. Flow 15.5 L/min
Max Temperature 90 C
Inlet 1/4" quick connect



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