Pressure Washers

Turbo Nozzle


PRICE: $149.00 (inc GST)

Brass 5000 psi

High quality turbo nozzles help your pressure washer to achieve optimal performance maximising the effective working pressure of your unit. Turbo nozzles not only save water but they also save the operator time making the job faster to complete.

5,000psi Brass Turbo Nozzles

Professional quality suitable for industrial use, these brass turbo nozzles are excellent for cleaning surfaces and removing paint.These commercial quality nozzles contain a high strength ceramic core and seal, all metal durable rotator and ultra thick brass casing to ensure a long use life and smooth spinning operation. 

How Does a Turbo Nozzle Work?

Turbo nozzles work by spinning a nozzle or jet at a very high speed. The discharged water does not fan meaning the force of the jet stream does not dissipate like ordinary nozzles. The concentrated jet stream hitting the surface is equivalent to a cleaning effect up to 60% higher than with a fan jet making turbo nozzles very popular and highly effective under many applications.

Specification SPWBTH
Pressure 5,000 psi (345 bar)
Flow 7.6 - 32 L/min
Max Temperature 90°C

1/4" female BSP


1/4" Quick Connect Fitting included



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