Pressure Washers

Under Body Cleaner


PRICE: $979.00 (inc GST)

Make cleaning mud, sand and salt from the under-body of your truck, 4wd, car or trailer simple and fast with this high pressure washer undercarriage cleaner. Ideal for cleaning of heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, removal of seeds and dangerous weeds for wash down requirements plus so much more.  

Under-carriage Pressure Cleaner Attachment

No longer do you need to crawl under dirty trucks and trailers to clean, this unit is simple to manoeuvre with a front multi-directional caster wheels which get the high pressure nozzles into all the difficult places. Perfect for cleaning not only mud and dirt but also useful for degreasing, removing fuels and oils, snow and other built up grime. These units are helpful for those performing maintenance and repairs on equipment and machinery who need the vehicle clean before work begins. Keep your pride and joy clear of rust with an effective wash down after driving on the sand and salt water environment. There are so many practical use for this undercarriage cleaner.

The quality construction from these units delivers a robust, yet lightweight unit which retains its manoeuvrability. Two quality nozzles direct 8L/min vertically at the underbody at pressures up to 4,000 psi. Included is the aluminum handle with impact resistance trigger assembly and connecting hose. All wet components are specified for hot or cold water washers with a water temperature rating up to 90C. These are a quality package at an affordable price.

Specifications SPWUCC
Max. Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Flow 8 L/min
Nozzles 2
Max Temperature 90 C
Inlet 3/8" plug



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