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High Pressure Water Pumps


PRICE: $1,649.00 (inc GST)

High pressure fire fighter style engine drive water pumps manufactured by Paddock Machinery. Paddock has coupled a Honda engine, a brand synonymous with reliability, to a range of cast pumps to offer quality pump and engine combinations. This high pressure series of water pumps is ideal for fire fighting application, irrigation, pressure boosting or transfers over long distances or up elevations.

Fire Fighting and Irrigation Honda Engine Driven Water Pump
  • High pressure series delivers water further and higher
  • Available in 1-1/2", 2" and  3" pump sizes with Honda petrol GX200 and GX390 engine options and also a diesel engine option
  • Steel roll-over cage protection 
  • Pump outlet can be rotated to suit preferred installation
  • Quality Honda unleaded commercial series petrol engines
  • Optional Electric start on some models
Pump Details:

This range of pumps delivers higher pressures which is ideal for fire-fighting applications where water needs to be sprayed over distances. The HP series is also popular with farmers needing temporary irrigation solutions such as sprinklers and pivots. If you need to move water over long distances or if your property is undulating, the higher pressure series if often a good choice. 

These pumps achieve their higher discharge pressure by careful engineering and selection of their pumps casing and spinning impeller. Constructed from a aluminum alloy material the impeller can spin with great speed and tighter tolerances resulting in a higher discharge pressure then the equivalent transfer or trash pump.   

Discharge heads of up to 80m is possible from this series of pumps meaning pressure of over 780kPag can be achieved (based on 3" HP pump model). With these sorts of pressure water can be moved over great distances with ease.

Engine Details:

Honda GX commercial engine 

The Honda GX series of 4-stroke commercial engines are world renown for being workhorse engines with extreme reliability. Honda engines are easy to start and are very well supported with Honda dealers and spare parts kept in every corner of the continent. The GX Commercial series of engines are ideal for use in water pumping applications as they rev to 3,600rpm allowing the pump to be directly coupled to the motor without the need for a speed multiplier gearbox.

Specifications 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2"  3" 

Honda Petrol


KIPOR Diesel


Honda Petrol


Honda Petrol


Engine Type  4-Stroke Commercial Series Single cycliner diesel  4-Stroke Commercial Series  4-Stroke Commercial Series
Engine Power  6.5 hp 4.5 hp  6.5 hp 13 hp
Fuel Unleaded Petrol Diesel Unleaded Petrol Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank  3.1L 2.5 L 3.1L 6.1L
Starter Recoil Recoil Recoil Electric only
Pump Inlet / Outlet 40mm (1-1/2")  40mm (1-1/2") 50mm (2") 75mm (3") / 1 x 50mm (2"), 2 x 40mm (1-1/2")
Max. Flow (L/hr) 12,000  12,000 30,000 40,000
Discharge Head (m) 75 75 65 80
Max. Discharge Pressure (Approx) 735 kPa (106 psi) 735 kPa (106 psi) 637 kPa (92 psi) 784 kPa (113 psi)
Max. Suction Lift  7m 7m  7m  7m
Wetted materials NBR seals, Cast alloy impeller, Aluminium pump casing NBR seals, Cast alloy impeller, Aluminium pump casing NBR seals, Cast alloy impeller, Aluminium pump casing NBR seals, Cast alloy impeller, Aluminium pump casing
Warranty 36 months 36 months 36 months 36 months

** Note: Battery and power leads are not included on the electric start model and and the responsibility of the customer to acquire.



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