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These are a high quality water pressure booster pump that are ideal for household pressure pumping systems. The pumps come with a integrated smart controller which monitors performance and ensures your pump is delivering stable water flow on demand to all your taps, showers and toilets. These pumps are simple to install and can be used to replace your old worn out pump, you'll find these pumps exceptional quality and value for money.

Multistage Household Water Booster Pump

This range of pumps by Paddock™ are ideal for most household and commercial applications where water is pumped from a tank to taps, showers and garden hoses. They can also be used to boost town pressure supply to multistory buildings. The range present as a simple, easy install units however pack some smart innovations hidden within, making them the perfect upgrade when your old pump has worn out or the ideal choice for new builds.

Pressure and Performance from a Efficient Multistage Pump

When selecting a pump to supply your home, it's important you get a good balance of flow and pressure so the family doesn't complain about inadequate shower pressure or not enough flow. Many brands highlight the peak pressure to make their pumps appear impressive, but they hide the true performance behind exaggerated selectric claims. Paddock™ have made the pump selection process simple, offering only models which deliver what customers want. These pumps offer exceptional value for money without compromising quality.

The multistage impeller designs run smooth and quiet making these pumps perfect for mounting outside your bedroom window or under your multistory house. With high discharge pressures, you can enjoy exceptional water pressures at a lower noise levels.

The multistage impeller design of these pumps also ensures a greater efficiency at maximum pressures when compared to single stage, jet or submersible pumps. Improved efficiency results in lower running costs, which can add up over the life of the pump.

Self Priming Operation

These pumps will lift water 6m vertically on their suction side, saving the operator having to manually prime the unit. This feature is fantastic for people who need to mount the pump a distance away from the supply and the vertical lift capability can be converted into far greater horizontal distance draw. With the ability to self prime, the pump will draw the water from the source without operator intervention.

Smart controls and Integrated Protection Systems

These pumps employ modern electrics to ensure your pump not only performs, but also lasts the test of time.

Pumps can be damaged if they are left to run dry, such as when your tank empties unexpectedly. Such operation can overheat and damage the pump components and even trip the household power supply. This damaged is avoided with the Paddock™ range, as they include a integrated dry run protection switch inside the pump.If loss of flow is detected, the pump will rest for 30 minutes before attempting a restart. If this rest/restart cycle repeats 5 times without detecting flow, the pump will go into a permanent shutdown state until it is manually reset at the pump controller.

Each pump also has an anti-cycling feature which is fantastic and saves your pump from damage, your wallet from excess power consumption and your sanity from hearing the pump constantly start and stop throughout the evening. The controller uses a combination of sensors to determine if the pump should be running or if the drop in pressure is due to a small leak.The pump incorporates it's own pressure tank which allows the pump to monitor pressures vs flows and determine if the demand is real or from a dripping tap.

Thermal overload protection is also standard on all models and adds to the overall package this pump delivers. Thermal protection is important for pumps that could be operating in a confined space and will alert the operator to a potentially damaging state of operation.

Automatic Pump Controller

The pump has a built in pressure pressure tank which works in conduction with the pressure controller and flow switch. This system detects when you open your tap and automatically starts the pump to deliver stable pressure and flow. Having a fully integrated system saves space and installation complexity.

The pump controller incorporates a simple to understand and operate panel providing the pumps status to the operator. 

Quality Components and Exceptional Build Quality

Paddock™ are known for their quality products at a fraction of the cost of other leading brands. These pumps are no exception and have been proven to last well in the harsh Australian environment. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial installations with powerful motors and smart electrics integrated as standard.

The pump wet end components are robust and serviceable. Modern poly plastic materials combined with corrosion resistant stainless steels are used to achieve a extremely long operating life. A full range of replacement parts are available to service these pumps.

These pumps are suitable for continues duty operations in the hot Australian environment. The quality motors deliver performance without waiver and the pumps protection systems are standing by if an abnormal operating case is detected. Users can expect stable operation and a long design life from the Paddock™ range of pumps.

Pump Applications:
  • Household pressure pumping or boosting
  • Commercial facility water supplies with high demands and pressure requirements
  • Supply to multi-story buildings
  • Transfer of clean water
  • Irrigation
Pump Selection

The following is provided as a guide only, customers should do their own research and engage a professional to ensure the pump selected is right for their application.

Selecting a pump can be confusing and difficult to summarise for the less technically minded. As a guide, we suggest when selecting a household water pressure pump, first determine your target water flow rate.​

House Size No. Taps running at once Target Flow (L/min)
Small Cottage - 1 x tap and 1 x shower running
Small house - 2 x taps, toilet flush and shower
4 35
Average house with modern appliances - same as above with dishwasher/ washing machine also running



Larger house with multiple bathrooms being used at once
6 70
Massive House, some irrigation outdoors 7+ 90

Next you need to determine what pressure you need the target flow rate at. A rule of thumb is to target 270 kPa (~40 psi) at the most upper floor tap in your house. So if you were a single story house with a shower above head height, you want your target flow rate at ~300 kPa, measured at the pumps discharge.

If you're multi-story, you need to add ~30kPa per level. Divide your pressure in kPa by 9.8 to get the pump head required.

House Target Pressure (kPa)
Single level
2 Story House
3 Story House


Add ~30 kPa per additional story (assumes ~3m floor to next level floor spacing)

When checking the performance curve, we can see the 900 series pump will flow ~37 L/min at ~30m head equating to the target pressure for most single story buildings. Whilst the 1100 series will deliver ~70 L/min.

For a 2-story home, the 900 series will deliver ~26 L/min flow whilst the 1100 series will achieve ~60 L/min.

For a 3-story home, the 900 series would not be recommended. For 1100 series can deliver ~50 L/min enough to run multiple top level taps at once.

Note: the above guide is an extremely simplified summary of a more complex hydraulic calculation. Flows, pressures and overall performance will be impacted by pipe lengths, pipe diameters, filters and pump elevation relative to supply. If you have any doubt or concern about your installation, please don't rely on the above guide to size your pump and rather engage a engineer or plumber to design for you.

Pump Technical Specifications
Specification 900 series 1100 series
Brand Paddock™ Paddock™
Motor 950w, 240V 1100w, 240V
Current Draw 4 A 5 A
Max Flow Rate 105 LPM 105 LPM
Max. Discharge Head 35 m 47 m
Max. Discharge Pressure 343 kPa / ~50 psi 460 kPa / ~66 psi
Max Suction 6 m 6 m
Max Liquid Temp 40°C 40°C
Inlet/Outlet 1" / 1" BSP 1" / 1" BSP
Construction Polyphenylene oxide (PPO) and Stainless Steel.

Italian Mechanical Seal

USA microswitches

Aluminum alloy motor with anti-rust treatment coating.
Polyphenylene oxide (PPO) and Stainless Steel.

Italian Mechanical Seal

USA microswitches

Aluminum alloy motor with anti-rust treatment coating.
Automatic Pressure Controller Yes Yes


Dry Run



Dry Run


Size 400mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 235mm (H) 425mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 235mm (H)
Warranty 24 months 24 months



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