AdBlue Ute Tanks


PRICE: $1,499.00 (inc GST)

This is a Adblue storage tank that's been engineered for mounting in utes and trailers throughout Australia. It's 180L volume makes it ideal for a range of applications and end users from service vehicles, private trucking companies, commercial drivers and independent trucking operators wanting the flexibility and independence of their own tank and equipment. 

Heavy Duty Poly Adblue Def Urea Storage Tank with Pump

Genuine Paddock brand, available in a popular 200L volume, these tanks are ideal for mounting in the back of your utility or trailer to cart adblue. Perfect for breakdowns or use in remote areas where reliable sources of Adblue aren't commonly found. 

These tanks and pumps are also suitable for pumping most liquid fertilisers. The pumps diaphragm design keeps the wetted materials separate from key components which could corrode or foul ensuring a long operating life.

Portable Adblue Tank Features:
  • Thicker tank walls as a result of more raw materials used in the moulding process
  • Quality imported raw materials offer excellent UV resistance
  • Tough poly construction eliminates seams, welds, cracking and corrosion
  • Quality 12v self priming Adblue compatible transfer pump, hose and nozzle included
  • Simple and effective tie down locations
  • Recessed forklift tine locations
  • 3 yr warranty

Each tank comes with an integrated adblue transfer pump which is housed under a protecting and lockable top folding cover. The pumps are mounted with a top entry suction line into the tank and a 4m discharge hose with automatic fuel nozzle. This setup is very simple and tidy and makes using a breeze. Connect the included alligator clips to a 12v battery and you're ready to transfer from the tank to your equipment. 

Lockable Top Cover

Diesel Fuel Tanks Lock Lockable

Tank Drainage Port / Outlet

Diesel Tank Drainage Outlet Port

The Paddock Difference

Performance Pumps and Quality Components

This unit features a high quality self priming diaphragm pump which will flow ~23 L/min at its maximum back-pressure. This 12v pump has a 30 min duty cycle meaning it will easily empty the 180L adblue tank without needing to stop to cool down.   

The unit includes a automatic cut off nozzle meaning you will never overflow the tank you're filling. Similar to your standard diesel browser, when the tank is full, the nozzle will automatically shut off flow.

Each pump includes a internal bypass valve which means it can be run with the automatic discharge nozzle closed for short periods. This is important as it protects the pump for the period of time where the nozzle is closed yet the pump motor is still operating. 

Roto Moulded Tanks

These tanks are rotomolded from high quality UV stabilised plastics to deliver a seamless and virtually leak proof storage solution. When designing plastic tanks many companies cut corners and leave out the expensive ingredients which make the plastic resistant to UV attack. The Paddock tanks have UV blockers and carbon black additives which give a high UV resistance. These tanks also use more raw material to deliver thicker walls and more strength and resistance to wear and tear and whilst this makes the tanks a little heavier, it's well worth it for the benefits. 

These tanks have forklift tine recesses moulded into the base making relocation simple with machinery. 

Specification SPDT210L
Volume 200L
Dimensions 1100 x 810 x 550 mm
Pump Flow 23 L/min
Pump Power 12v
Discharge Hose 4m of 3/4" Hose
Nozzle Automatic 
Weight 33 kg
UV Stabilised Yes
Lockable Lid Yes
Warranty 3 yrs



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