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12V Seed & Fertiliser Spreader


PRICE: $384.00 (inc GST)

Strong, versatile, 12v power spreader which can throw seed, fertiliser and other small pellets from your quad bike, side by side or ATV. Ideal for sowing seeds in new fields or regenerating old pastures with nutrients. Built tough by Paddock Machinery for Australian conditions! 

12V DC Powered Spreader

  • use to distribute and spread seeds, fertilisers, granules
  • can be mounted to quad bikes, four wheelers, ATVs, ride on mowers, tractors, utilities, side-by-sides
Paddock Spreader Applications

This spreader is designed to easily mount the the rear of your quad bike or ride on mower. It comes with electrical cable to run to your existing 12v battery. The spreader uses the 12v power to spin the distribution plate which throws your seed or fertiliser evenly behind you as you travel. 

It's so nice when things work and having the right tools for the job makes working on the land enjoyable. These units are ideal for small to medium size acreages. If you already own a ride on mower, quad bike or any form of ATV, you can benefit from this unit. Very simple to use with few moving parts, these units perform well. Genuine Paddock equipment means better components and heavier build quality. 

Broadcast Seeder Operation

This spreader is simple to use, once mounted, simply fill the hopper with seed or fertiliser. Turn the spreader on and adjust the slide valve via the remote adjustment lever to your desired setting. The unit will throw up to 2m each side of the hopper giving you a spread of up to 4m with products like seed. The remote adjustment lever is handy as you can not only adjust the amount of product being spread but also stop the discharge if you come to the end of a field and need to realign before your next pass. 

The hopper is a good size at ~31L and is rated to hold up to 80lb or ~36kg of product. If you have a target application rate this can be determined and set following the guide in the instruction manual supplied with the unit. 

The unit comes with a rain cover to keep your fertiliser dry on those damp days when you need to get the nutrients on the ground.

Paddock Spreader construction

The seeder is of heavy duty construction designed to withstand the harsh elements experienced outdoors in Australia. This said the implement is light weight and predominately made from UV stabilised plastics which are impact resistant, robust and resistant to corrosion from fertilisers.

The drive motors used by Paddock are heavy duty and higher torque then competitors. This ensures the unit is more capable, longer lasting and better performing meeting Australian customer expectations.  

Attaching to the seeder

The unit is designed to clamp to either front or rear luggage racks via included clamps. For equipment without luggage racks some custom installation would be required and additional straps (not included) would be needed to support the weight of the hopper.  

Paddock Seeder / Fertilizer Specifications

Powered Spreader


36kg / 31L


~4m spread diameter

Seed Flow

Adjustable via remote adjuster


12v DC spreader motor

Frame Construction

Steel with black powder coat

Hopper Construction

Rust proof, UV & weather resistant polyethylene


Hopper rain cover

Battery leads and switch

Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009