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This industrial air scrubber helps to improve your air quality by filtering and removing harmful dust particles. The HEPA filters achieve >99.97% @ 0.3 micron removal ensuring the highest air quality for your staff and worksite.

Paddock™ Industrial Air Scrubber
  • up to 2,000m³/hr air flow (PAS2000 model)
  • Multistage filtration system utilising H13 HEPA filter
  • Low noise and dual speed modes
  • Warning lamps for blocked and damaged filters
  • Runs on a standard household single phase power socket
  • Simple to service and maintain
Air Scrubber

The Paddock™ range of air scrubbers are powerful and reliable at filtering dust particles improving the air quality. These units feature twin operating modes for different air flows. Harmful dust particles are removed from the air using a multi-stage filtration design with the final stage utilising a H13 HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of particles @ 0.3 micron and greater size range.

These portable air scrubbers are ideal for use indoors where workers might be cutting or grinding concrete, doing demolition or simply working with products such as gypsum that generate unacceptable levels of airborne dust particles. Constructed with a robust poly outer shell and installed on castor wheels, this scrubber is convenient and fast to deploy.

Designed for connection to single phase power, these units are extremely versatile.

With two operating modes, users can select between low speed and high speed air flow. This units perform exceptionally well as an industrial air scrubber as well as a fan to keep air circulating.

A warning lamp alerts the operator when the filters need replacing. A second lamp warns if there's a loss of differential pressure across the filters which could indicate the HEPA filter has blocked and blown out.

Noise levels are kept low thanks to the large diameter fan, users can expect ~ 70dB @ 1m which is extremely low for most working sites.

The unit is configured such that the exhaust air can easily be plumbed to ducting. This feature can be used if you prefer the filtered air to be discharged remotely.

Flexible ducting is available as a optional extra and allows for the discharge air to be ducted to a remote location.

Multi-Stage HEPA filtration System

Clean filtered air is achieved using a multi-stage filtration system. A coarse filter does the bulk of the work with a second stage H13 HEPA filter taking out the final smaller particles. The filters achieve a long life due to their large surface area and staged cleaning design.

The filters used in these units are commonly used in other air scrubbers on the market so are available across the country through a range of distributors. Scintex also stock boxes of filters and can ship them around Australia.

Note, this is a dry air scrubber only, if water comes into contact with the filter elements they lose their ratings and will likely need replacing.

Vacuum Model PAS1000 PAS2000
Brand Paddock™ Machinery Paddock™ Machinery
Function Dry Air Filtration Dry Air Filtration
Power 0.23 kW 0.61 kW
Voltage 240V 50Hz (Single Phase) 240V 50Hz (Single Phase)
Air Flow

1,000 m³/hr

600 cfm

2,000 m³/hr

1,200 cfm

Filtration Level HEPA H13 >99.99% @ 0.3 micron HEPA H13 >99.99% @ 0.3 micron
68 dB @ 1m 68 dB @ 1m


1 pce


300 x 300 x 19 mm

1 pce


595 x 595 x 19 mm

H13 HEPA Filter

1 pce


350 x 350 x 138 mm

1 pce


610 x 610 x 95 mm

Rubber feet Non marking, lockable castor wheels
Air Outlet 160 mm 254 mm diameter
460 x 360 x 460 mm 710 x 500 x 850 mm
Weight 19 kg 38 kg
Warranty 1 Yr 1 Yr



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