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ATV & Quad Bike Blade


PRICE: $1,299.00 (inc GST)

'Paddock' has created a highly versatile, blade plough for use with quad bikes, four wheelers, ATVs and other vehicles. Easy connection via a standard 2" tow ball hitch. Ideal for spreading soils and mulches, clearing roads and curbs as well as applying pebbles, sand and gravel for driveways. Made by Paddock Machinery for Australian conditions.

'Paddock' Tow Behind Blade Plow

 A blade plough designed to last! High gauge steel and quality components have been used to create an over engineered plow capable of handling all your home and acreage applications. 'Paddock' Machinery is Australian owned and operated and can supply a full range of replacement parts when required. The Quad Bike Blade is also covered by the Paddock manufacturer's warranty.

The applications and uses for this blade plow are endless. Designed to be highly adjustable the user can alter the blade angle. As it rotates through 360° there are 5 angle settings including reverse settings. To ensure proper operation and fitment to a large range of vehicles the blade height and hitch height can also be adjusted.

Quad Bike Blade Key Features:

  • Features full blade tip design to prevent damage when striking objects.
  • High gauge steel and over construction on critical components making this ATV blade plough the toughest on the market.
  • Heavy duty pull frame.
  • Good ground clearance on blade chassis and axle.
  • Highly adjustable with the ability to alter the blade angle, blade height and hitch angle.
  • Versatile, lending itself to many applications.

Example blade plough applications:

  • Spreading soils
  • Clearing roads
  • Turning over soil prior to planting
  • Clearing snow
  • Clearing driveways and curbs
  • Flattening sand and gravel
  • Spreading mulch and manures
  • And many more....

    Blade Plow Specification Value
    Blade Width 150cm or 5 ft
    Blade Adjustment 5 rotation settings with forward and reverse blade angles
    Height / Wheel Adjustment 7 different heights
    Hitch Height Adjustment 4 different heights to suit multiple vehicle types
    Tyres 8" 2 ply pneumatic tyres
    Moldboard Height 38cm or 15"
    Connection Std 50mm 2" Tow Ball Hitch
    Construction High carbon steel, black enamel finish. 75mm x 75mm RHS
    Features Replaceable blade
    Brand Paddock Machinery
    Warranty 12 Months



    47 Eagleview Place,
    Eagle Farm QLD 4009