Concrete Core Drill Bits


PRICE: $87.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock range of diamond concrete coring drill bits are second to none. Built for exception wear and performance! These are professional grade core drill bits with high diamond density and uniform distribution. While not compromising on quality these core bits are exceptional value for money., Built for tradies - priced for DIYers. Drill more holes per hour with Paddock premium diamond coring bits.

Paddock™ Diamond Core Drill Bits
  • Uses industry standard threads to suit a range of drills
  • Easy & fast to change over
  • Use with all types of concrete (rebar compatible)
  • 10mm thick shoes
  • Quality drill bits - high diamond density!
  • Constant drill speeds over the life of the coring bit
  • Balanced for smoother operation
  • Fast cooling design
  • Huge range of diameters available
  • Excellent value for money!
Drill Bit Specifications Value
Brand Paddock Machinery
Class Premium
Segment Height 10mm
Segment Construction Metal bonded diamond
Drill Bit Length 450mm
Working Length 430mm
Thread Type Industry standard 1-1/4"
Operation Wet
Drilling Mode Rig Mounted
Drill Materials Concrete (All types) with or without rebar

Diamond Core Drill Bit Applications:

  • Construction & building projects
  • Plumbing & drain holes
  • Electrical lines
  • Gas lines and pipes
  • Water pipes and sewerage
  • Heating, ventilation & air conditioning pipes
  • Structural testing
  • Man holes
  • ...and more


Diameter (mm) Segment Size (mm) Segment Number
35 24*3.8*10 4
42 24*3.8*10 4
51 24*3.8*10 5
63 24*3.8*10 6
76 24*4*10 7
89 24*4*10 8
96 24*4*10 8
108 24*4*10 10
114 24*4*10 10
120 24*4*10 11
132 24*4*10 12
140 24*4*10 12
152 24*4*10 12
160 24*4.2*10 12
168 24*4.2*10 13
180 24*4.2*10 14
200 24*4.5*10 16
220 24*4.5*10 16
230 24*4.5*10 16
245 24*4.5*10 17
254 24*4.5*10 18
275 24*4.5*10 20
300 24*5*10 22
325 24*5*10 22
350 24*5*10 26
400 24*5*10 28
Compatible Paddock™ Core Drilling Equipment

We also stock a range of core drilling equipment which can be used with these diamond core drill bits.

Core Drill Motors

Pair the drill motors and drill stands as follows:

Drill Model PCD2200W - use with drill stand model PCDR250A. This drill stand is for drill bits up to 252mm (without spacers) and has the vacuum base incorporated.

Drill Model PCD3300W - use with drill stand models PCDR350A or PCDR440A. The 350mm drill stand has the vacuum base and is for core bits up to 352mm (without spacers). The 440mm model has a conventional bolt down base and can handle larger diameter core bits.

Click here for more information on the core drill motors.

Core Drills AustraliaCore Drill MotorConcrete Core Drill Electric

Click here for more information on the core drill stands.

Core Drill StandsConcrete Coring Drill StandsPaddock Concrete Core Drill Stands Bases Rigs

Core Drill Vacuum Pumps

The Paddock core drill vac pump is suitable for use with the PCDR250A - 250mm drill stand with vacuum base and the PCDR350A - 350mm drill stand with vacuum base. Suitable for use with both the 2200W or 3300W drill motors. The vacuum pumps securely hold the drill stand in place for safe, accurate coring.

Click here for more information on the core drill vacuum pumps.

Core Drilling Vacuum PumpVac Pump for Concrete DrillsCore Drilling Package Electric


Portable Water Tanks

Paddock™ offers a portable, rechargeable, electric water supply tank on a trolley. These are ideal for wet coring applications and dust suppression.

Click here for more information on the water tank trolleys.

Water dust suppression trolley tank electric



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