Concrete Floor Grinders


PRICE: $2,859.00 (inc GST)

Paddock™ has developed a trade quality set of concrete floor grinders that are affordable yet made to last. Built for tradies - priced for DIYers. Break free from the cycle of hiring concrete grinders and own a high end Paddock floor grinder. Paddock also supports the grinders with a huge range of concrete diamond discs to suit a range of applications. Many grits, bonds and segments are available. Our 250mm option is great for small areas and edging, with a removable shroud allowing you to grind within 1mm of walls. The 480mm triple disc grinder has a high work rate and is ideal for preparing large floor and concrete areas. 

Paddock™ Floor Grinders & Polishers
  • Trade quality - built to last!
  • Operate on a standard household power socket
  • Use with a range of discs including Paddock and Floorex discs
  • Massive 3HP motors with cooling fans
  • Simple to service and maintain
250mm Concrete Grinder & Edger

The 250mm concrete grinder takes a single 10" disc and is compatible with Paddock and Floorex discs to name a few. Fitting the disc takes under a minute with a simple locking cup mechanism with single bolt. Ideal for preparing small floor areas with a work rate up to 40m2 per hour. The 250mm model comes into its own as an edger. With the shroud removed the grinder can reach within 1mm of walls and other obstacles. The massive 3HP electric drive incorporates a cooling fan for increased work rates. A direct drive coupling gives simplicity, reliability and good head rpm. Leveling the machine is simple using the in built spirit levels and the adjustable rear axles. The shroud is floating and will automatically vary the height based on the disc wear and surface height. Dust extraction with a vacuum can be performed using the push on 40mm industrial vacuum hose port. The grinder also has a water hose connection taking a standard garden hose connector allowing for wet grinding. The operator's handle is adjustable giving varying operation heights as well a stow position for transport and a tooling position for changing discs. A single lifting point makes loading onto utes and trailers a breeze. Fitted with quality electrics as well as long life bearings, solid wheels and over-engineered specs, the 250mm floor grinder is built to last.

480mm Concrete Floor Grinder

The Paddock 480mm floor grinder is a planetary 3 disc configuration designed for preparing large floor areas. With work rates up to 75m2 an hour this grinder is highly efficient and will make light work of concrete grinding jobs. Concrete discs are changed within seconds as they are securely held in place by magnetic plugs - no screws, bolts or tools required. The 480mm grinder is compatible with the full range of Paddock 175mm discs as well as Floorex discs and many other brands. A 3HP fan cooled electric drive is coupled to the disc plate via a gear reduction transmission making sure to get the power to the floor where it's needed. In-built spirit levels will let the operator know when the machine is level. Adjustments can be made in 17 different positions by adjusting the axle height. The shroud is floating and automatically adjusts to the grinding height and disc wear. To prevent bouncing or vibration as well as to increase grinding work rate the unit is supplied with two counter weights which can be added to the front of the machine. For dust suppression the grinder is fitted with a 40mm push on industrial vacuum port. Incorporated into the design is an adjustable vacuum hose guide to keep the vacuum hose out of the operator's way. The handle is adjustable with three operating height positions, a tooling position as well as a folded stow position. Built into the operator's handle is an easy access on/off switch as well as emergency E-stop and overload protection. A digital LCD display provides current and load data in real time. A single lifting point makes loading the grinder into vans, utilities and trailers simple and safe. As with all Paddock concrete floor grinders, the 480mm grinder is fitted with high quality electrics for the demanding service environment. With all design aspects over engineered this grinder is built to last!

Concrete Floor Grinder Product Support

Paddock™ supports the concrete grinders with Australian based support and a full range of replacement parts and spares from our Brisbane workshop.

Concrete Floor Grinder Discs

The Paddock™ range of concrete floor grinders and polishers are compatible with a range of discs. Paddock stocks an extensive range of discs in various grits, compounds and disc segments. The floor grinders are also compatible with the Floorex range of concrete grinding discs.

Paddock 175mm Concrete Grinding Discs / Wheels (Suits 480mm Grinders)

Paddock 250mm Concrete Grinding Discs / Wheels (Suits 250mm Grinders)

Concrete Grinding Discs OrangeConcrete Grinding Discs Brown GoldConcrete Grinder Discs Wheels CupsConcrete Grinding Discs Wheels Paddock Floorex AllprepConcrete Grinding Polishing Discs

Concrete Grinder Applications:

  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Concrete floor grinding
  • Concrete leveling
  • Removing glues and adhesives
  • Removing line markings
  • Removing floor coatings
  • Wood floor sanding
  • ... and more


Floor Grinder Model PCFG250 PCFG480
Brand Paddock™ Machinery Paddock™ Machinery
Function Concrete grinding polishing and edging.

Concrete grinding and polishing.

Voltage 220-240V 50HZ 220-240V 50HZ
Phase Single Phase 10A Single Phase 10A
Power 3 hp (2.24 kW) 3 hp (2.24 kW)
Motor RPM 1420 rpm 2660 rpm
Head RPM 1420 rpm 380 rpm
Work Rate 25 - 40 m² / hr 75m² / hr
Head Type Single Floating Planetary
Max. Head Pressure 28 kg 112 kg
Construction Powder coated steel Powder coated steel
Cooling Fan cooled Fan cooled
Grind Diameter 250mm 480mm
Discs 1x 250mm (10") disc 3x 175mm (7") discs
Dust Port 47mm (ID) push on 57mm (ID) push on. Includes extra 57mm (OD) to 47mm (ID) adaptor for use with smaller vac hoses.

Solid Rubber

Diameter 200mm

Width 50mm

Solid Rubber

Diameter 200mm

Width 50mm

Noise Rating 75 - 88 dB(A) 75 - 88 dB(A)
Weight 63 kg 160 kg

Allen keys

1x Adaptor Plate (Compatible with Floorex discs)

Optional Extra: Can be supplied with an adapter for use with grinding shoes.

2x Counter weights (23 kg)

6x Magnetic plugs


Removable shroud for edging

Spirit levels

Dust extraction port

Dust suppression water port (adjustable)

Load rated lifting points

Digital hour meter

Quick connect magnetic plugs

Dust extraction port

Spirit levels

Cup holder

Vac hose guide

Load rated lifting points

Warranty 24 Months Australian Warranty 24 Months Australian Warranty



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