Concrete Grinding Discs - 250mm

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Paddock has developed a range of concrete grinder discs with one thing in mind - Long life and excellent wear! These are professional grade concrete grinding discs and have high diamond density. Segments are designed with a forward facing taper for increased life while incorporating quick cooling zones. The Paddock range of concrete discs are the best value for money on the market. Built for tradies - priced for DIYers.

Paddock™ Concrete Grinder Diamond Discs - 250mm
  • Suits a range of machines including Floorex & Paddock
  • 10mm thick shoes
  • Forward tapered segments for long lasting wear
  • Quality discs - high diamond density!
  • Balanced for smoother grinding
  • Fast cooling design
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Excellent value for money!


** Paddock also has a range of 175mm concrete grinding discs suitable for 480mm concrete grinders and polishers **

Paddock Concrete Grinding Discs & Wheels - 250mm

Paddock has designed a long life yet economical range of professional grade concrete grinding discs and wheels. Available in soft and hard metal bonds as well as a variety of segments and grits from 16 through to 150. These discs will fit a range of concrete grinders and polishers including Paddock, Floorex and Allprep machines. Below is dimensional drawing so you can check the compatibility against your model. A sweeping taper style segment which is thicker on the outside of the wheel gives excellent longevity and production rates. An innovative design taking advantage of the high speed of the segment on the outside of the disc. The fast cooling cutaways allow higher down force and disc speeds without reducing the life of the disc. Each disc is colour coded so you can easily identify the grit type and bond after the part numbers have disappeared.

Concrete Grinding Wheel Selection

It is recommended that you purchase a selection of discs in varying bonds, grits and segment numbers. Every concrete floor or surface is different and some trial and error is required in choosing the best disc at each stage of surface preparation. Below is a basic discussion on disc selection. Please be advised that concrete surface preparation can be complex and users should seek professional advice where required.

Disc Size / Numbers

For Paddock 250mm and Floorex Galaxy / Meteor 250mm grinders use a single 250mm grinding disc. Paddock 480mm and Floorex Satellite grinders use three of the 175mm grinding discs.

Hard vs Soft Compounds

Paddock discs are supplied in soft and hard metal bonds. Concrete surfaces can vary widely and will determine if a hard or soft bond disc is required. Generally this selection will be made by trialing the disc. Hard concrete results in a soft non abrasive dust so a soft bond disc is required to help expose the diamond particles. If you find the machine is grinding too slow try a soft bond disc. The opposite applies for grinding softer concrete. Use a hard bond disc to prevent unnecessary disc wear. If you find the disc is wearing too fast switch to a hard bond disc. You can also visually inspect the disc and if too little diamond is exposed or the surface is getting hot then switch to a soft bond disc or a disc with fewer segments.

Number of Disc Segments

For coating and glue removal a 3 segment disc is recommended. This provides a uniform contact of all 3 segments while grinding over undulations in the concrete or surface, meaning the top layers are removed at an equal rate. Increasing to more segments or shoes results in some sections not making full contact on the concrete and leads to high spots in the concrete being ground down at the same time as the coating is trying to be removed.

For concrete grinding, leveling and polishing we recommend at least 6 segments. If the grinding efficiency is too slow then switch to a disc with fewer segments. This results in higher pressure on the disc surface assisting diamond exposure. Conversely, if you find the disc wear to be too high then switch to a disc with fewer segments. 

Disc Grit

The Paddock range of discs starts with the coarsest disc (16 grit) and works through to the finest, 150 grit. Generally the concrete floor preparation process will start with a 30 grit disc and progress incrementally through to 80 grit. A finishing pass using a 150 grit disc will prepare the surface for sealer application. Most customers are satisfied with the result at this point. For a high sheen polish the concrete can be further polished with resin bonded pads up to 3000 grit before sealer application.

Paddock Concrete Grinder Disc Dimensional Drawing

The Paddock grinding discs and wheels will suit a variety of machines. Below is a detailed dimensional drawing so you can assess the suitability. The discs are drilled with 6 locating pin positions, however you only need to use the pin holes required, if any, for your machine and the others are left blank.

250mm Concrete Grinding Disc Dimensions Drawing


Paddock Surface Preparation Product Support

Paddock™ supports their range of concrete & floor preparation products with Australian based support and a full range of replacement parts and spares from our Brisbane workshop.

Concrete Grinding Disc Applications:

  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Concrete floor grinding
  • Concrete leveling
  • Removing glues and adhesives
  • Removing line markings
  • Removing floor coatings
  • Wood floor sanding
  • ... and more


Paddock Concrete Grinder & Polisher Range

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