Concrete Polishing Resin Pads

SKU: PRRPD-P-175-50

PRICE: $65.00 (inc GST)

Paddock has developed a range of round resin, concrete polishing pads with one thing in mind - exceptional performance and excellent wear! These are professional grade concrete polishing pads and are easily used with your existing concrete grinder by using velcro pad drivers. Individual segments are designed with a forward facing taper for increased life, fast debris removal, while still incorporating quick cooling zones. The Paddock range of concrete polishing pads and discs are the best value for money on the market. Built for tradies - priced for DIYers.


Paddock™ Round Resin Concrete Polishing Pads
  • Suits a range of machines including Floorex & Paddock
  • Can be used with magnetic plugs (480mm grinders)
  • 10mm thick shoes
  • Forward tapered segments for long lasting wear
  • Quality resin pads
  • Balanced for smoother grinding
  • Fast cooling design
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Excellent value for money!


These high quality resin polishing pads are available in a range of grits from 50 grit to 5000 grit. For the best polishing result and disc wear it is recommended that you move sequentially through the range of discs. Note, these polishing discs are for the final stages of concrete polishing. For bulk removal of the concrete surface use our range of metal bonded, diamond concrete disks. More info available below.

Polishing Pad Sizes

For Paddock 250mm and Floorex Galaxy / Meteor 250mm grinders use a single 250mm grinding disc along with a 250mm velcro pad driver (sold separately). Paddock 480mm and Floorex Satellite grinders use three of the 175mm grinding discs along with three 175mm velcro pad drivers (sold separately).



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