Diesel Generator 7kVA


PRICE: $3,799.00 (inc GST)

A portable power generator is a vital piece of equipment for many industries from construction and building to emergency services, farming and rural living. Paddock™ have designed these powerful, yet quiet, diesel generators that can be quickly deployed to your site for a stable power supply. These generators offer exceptional value for money from a simple, turn key package.

Paddock Diesel Generator 6.5kw / ~7 kVA - Silenced
  • Efficient and quiet operation from the fully enclosed 10 hp diesel engine
  • Electric turn key start with recoil backup
  • 240v single phase outlets
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) integrated
  • Fast to relocate when you need it
Why Own a Diesel Generator?

A diesel generator is a far superior choice over a petrol alternative for your off-grid living, construction site power or remote farming needs. Diesel is far safer to handle as it's combustible, as opposed to explosive, in fact on many job sites, petrol is not allowed due to the safety concerns. Diesel fuel stores better then petrol and when it comes to consumption, the higher compression ratio of the diesel engines results in higher efficiency, returning longer run times. 

These generators by Paddock offer a quality single phase generator coupled to a well proven diesel engine. Having these units packaged in a enclosure which significantly reduces the noise level makes these units pleasant to work around.

Having 6.5kw of power is ample to run a range of single phase loads from power tools to pumps and welders. These generators are ideal as back up power supplies for when the grid goes down.

Generator Features

Paddock™'s generators are packed with usable and practical features making them easy to operate and reliable without unnecessary auxiliaries to fail.

Each unit is supplied with a fuel gauge and low engine oil alert to help monitor and maintain your generator. The electrical side is well protected with a volt  and frequency meter and circuit breakers protecting the heavy duty weather proof outlets.

A 12v DC power supply is also incorporated as a standard feature and this can charge batteries at up to ~8amps without the need for a separate battery charger.

Diesel Engine

These generators run a 10 hp, air cooled diesel engine which is a clone of the popular model YANMAR diesel engine. The design is well proven and has been in circulation throughout the world including Australia for many years. These engines offer exceptional efficiency and power from a small, low weight, air cooled diesel engine.

Each engine is fitted with electric key start meaning the generator will burst into life with the simple turn of a key. A recoil pull start back up is also fitted to all units to offer the ultimate in emergency back up power. Being a clone engine, parts are easy to source and cost effective either back through Scintex or many of the small engine and mower shops Australia wide.

It should be noted, air cooled diesel engines are better suited to temporary and backup power supply demands. Whilst this generator can be run continuously, it will not last as long as a water cooled diesel engine. Water cooled diesel engines are often 5 times the cost and this limitation needs to be respected when making your decision. For the best reliability, users should plan for a major engine service every 1,000 run hours with air cooled diesel engine.

Generator Package Construction

It's hard to fault the build quality for the Paddock™ range of equipment and these generators are no exception. A aesthetically pleasing enclosure houses the engine and generator to offer the units silencing. Access for servicing and maintenance has been considered and the general layout just makes sense. The 240v receptacles are easy to access along with the controls and gauges. Each unit is supplied with optional fitment handle and caster wheels.

Generator Specifications
Generator Model SDGR7KW

Rated Power


6.5 KW

Diesel 192FE 10.9 hp @ 3,000 rpm

Direct injection, Vertical, 4-cycle, Air-cooled

Starting System

Electric turn key with battery included

Recoil back up pull start

The engine features a decompression lever to aid in starting

Fuel Tank Capacity 15 L (run time of ~7.1hrs at full 6.5KW load)

6.5 KW @ 50 hz single phase 240 VAC

Single Phase

Revolving field , 2 pole ,Self-Excitation 

Automatic Voltage Regulator

3,000 rpm

AC Output 2 x 15A single phase sockets
DC Output 12v / 8.3 amp output included standard
Power Factor (Cos Q) ~1.0
Gauges and Alerts

Fuel Gauge


Frequency Meter

Run hours meter

AC circuit Breaker

Low Oil Alert


Sound silencer enclosure

Handle and caster wheels included



85 db at 2m

77 db at 7m

Weight ~190 kg
Dimensions 980 (w) x 570 (l) x 770 (h) mm
Warranty 12 Months



47 Eagleview Place,
Eagle Farm QLD 4009