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Disc Harrows


PRICE: $1,699.00 (inc GST)

A tough and durable set of disc harrows ideal for towing behind ATVs, Quad Bikes, Four wheel motorcycles, small tractors and utilities. Multiple applications from tilling fields, paddocks, vegetable gardens, food plots and more. Break up the soil, chip weeds, mix in fertiliser such as lime, gypsum or foliage, break up clods of soil. Great for releasing nitrogen and germinating many types of seeds.

Paddock Disc Harrow for ATVs, Quad Bikes & Tractors

Designed to be towed by small vehicles, ATVs and bikes. The unique pull-tongue design gives great down force and if required additional weight can be added to the disc harrow. This type of implement will work best in damp soils or previously plowed soil where great penetration can be achieved. The tow hitch height is fully adjustable meaning it can be used with a range of equipment. Also adjustable is the disc height which is done with a simple turn handle like on a caravan or trailer. A ridged and strong frame design with 4mm thick steel, combined with inch thick solid steel axles give the ATV disc harrow great durability and reliability. The tyres are pneumatic and puncture resistant, however, if a puncture is sustained the tubes and tires are readily available through Scintex or other suppliers. In fact Scintex can supply a range of spares for these disc harrows if ever needed. Another reason to buy from a trusted supplier. The Paddock disc harrow arrangement is offset, which is generally considered to have better single pass soil disturbance.

Specification Value
Working width 900mm
Weight ~105kg
Tyres Pneumatic 12" x 5" 500-6
Axles 25mm diameter, solid high carbon steel
Frame 2x 2" (50mm) Box Steel (4mm thick steel)
Hitch 2" standard tow ball hitch
Discs 10 (2x sets front and rear)
Disc Diameter 14" diamond notched 
Cutting Depth 4"
Tow Hitch Height Adjustable
Disc Height Adjustable
Power Requirements 16 HP or 250cc
Warranty 12 months



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