Drain Blockage Clearing Kit


PRICE: $249.00 (inc GST)

A great addition to your existing pressure washer, this kit allows you to extend up to 15m into underground pipes and use the power of your pressure washer and the specially designed sewer nozzle to blast away blockages. Ideal for light to medium users, perfect for the home handy persons.

15m Pressure Washer Sewer Cleaner Hose and Nozzle Kit

This kit is suited for pressures up to 3,000 psi and provides the operator with 15m of a special hose which effectively traverses buried pipes and sewer networks. High pressure water is used to cut through build ups of grease, grime and debris. These kits are so easy to use, anyone with a pressure washer now has the ability to clear their own pipe blockages from home.

The kit attaches to your existing pressure washer gun at the M22 fitting which is a commonly used fitting to attach pressure washer wands. The kit includes a jetting nozzle on the other end of the 15m of thermoplastic hose. 

Being a thermoplastic hose this material is not as hard wearing as some other sewer cleaning hoses on the market however it's been found to perform well and penetrate deep into pipes for light to medium use applications. Heavy daily users may not find the operating life of this hose to be as good as other products on the market at 8-12 times the price and we encourage buyers to be aware of this.

Attaching to your pressure washer:

The sewer / drain cleaner can be attached directly to your pressure washer hose or to the pressure washer gun, as shown below (note: gun not included). The M22 fitting on the sewer cleaner kit can be easily adapted to a 1/4" quick connect or other fittings to fit a range of pressure washers and pressure washer guns or nozzles. If using a Paddock pressure washer or Paddock brand pressure washer gun it will screw straight on.

Specifications SPWSCNK
Max. Pressure 3,000 psi (207 bar)
Max Temperature 60 C
Inlet M22 male
Length 15m
Includes Jetting nozzle



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