Drain Cleaner Cutters


PRICE: $164.00 (inc GST)

Key to success when using a drain cleaner is having good quality and sharp tools and cutters. Paddock can offer a range of accessories to upgrade or replace your drain cleaner tips.  

Sewer and Drain Cleaner Cutters and Tools
  • Tools to suit 16mm, 30mm and Rodder cleaners
  • Quality tools ensure faster and lighter load on your equipment
  • Range of tools for different tasks
16mm Cutter Set - 4 Pieces

This 4 piece tool set is ideal for drum type drain cleaners running 16mm flexible shafts. Kit includes a grease cutter, C cutter, Bulb auger and a set of side cutter blades.

Drum Drain Cleaner Cutting Heads and Blades

30mm Cutter Set - 6 Pieces

Ideal for our sectional drain cleaning machines this kit includes a straight auger, funnel auger, retrieving auger, grease cutter, saw tooth and a C cutter.

Sectional Drain Cleaner Cutting Heads Blades Teeth Set

Rodder Cutter Set - 4 Pieces

Suits Rodder type drain cleaners and includes a straight auger, retrieving auger, spade cutter and saw-tooth cutter.

Rodder Drain Cleaner Cutter Head Set

About the different tools

Straight Augers - Used to detect and clear blockages. Usually in the first working stages.

Bulb Auger - Using in complex piping networks usually with soft shafts.Able to clear blockages.

Funnel Auger - Used in second stage cleaning. Good for removing blockages on the inner surface of pipes after a straight helical drill has been through.

Retrieving Auger - Used to retrieve soft shafts or drills left in pipes. Will also clean pipes blocked with materials or similar.

Grease Cutter - Cleans grease and other deposits in pipes.

Sawtooth Cutter - ideal for cleaning tree roots or grease from the wall of pipes.

C Cutter - Good for unusual items such as soap deposits and also works well for grease.



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