Drain Cleaner - Rod Type


PRICE: $3,999.00 (inc GST)

Rodder Drain Cleaners by Paddock Machinery are ideal for cleaning straight lengths of pipe over very long distances. These are heavy duty units suitable for professional trade use. Great for plumbers, councils, maintenance contractors and building services companies.

Paddock Sewer and Drain Cleaner Rodder Unit

  • Large industrial 2200w motor 
  • 4 speed transmission allows operator to match speed to job
  • Ideal for clearing pipes 200mm to 600mm diameter
  • Supplied with 45m of high quality 8mm shaft with additional lengths available for purchase separately
  • 4 wheel trolley makes site access and operation simple
  • Includes 4 cutting and unblocking tools
Rodder Drain Pipe Cleaner Applications

The Rodder style of drain cleaners use straight 8mm rods which are easily joined to access deep into piping networks. These units are best suited to straighter pipe runs compared to your snake style of drain cleaners. Being a straight rod the unit can push deep into pipes with more force and clean over much longer distances. Larger tools can be used making this unit suitable for pipes up to 600mm in diameter.

Buried drainage pipes and sewer pipes can become blocked with tree roots. The Rodder easily accesses the blockage and uses the cutting tool to cut and clean out the blockage to restore flow. 

Civil projects responsible for restoring flow to long sections of underground piping will benefit from this unit with its industrial sized motor, stable cart base and variable speed transmission. The unit is easy to operate without sacrificing capability.

Commercial plumbers will appreciate the exceptional construction quality and come to rely on this machine daily. Use the right machine for the job and spend less time executing, allowing more work to be performed. 

Drain Cleaner Construction and Features

The large industrial 2.2kw motor delivers the right balance of speed and torque for the application. Combined with the 4 speed transmission, the operator can vary the rotational speed between 180-600rpm. 

Solid wheels eliminate the need for repairing punctures. The heavy duty steel frame is painted to resist corrosion. The complete unit presents as a neat and well designed package making transport in your van or trailer possible. Hangers are provided to help store and transport the rod and cutting heads making single person operation possible. 

The unit comes with 30 lengths of 1.5m x 8mm rods. The rods used are of a very high quality and have a high resistance to bending and twisting which is essential for the service this unit has been designed for. Additional lengths of rod are available for purchase separately. 

Rodder Drain Pipe Cleaner Specifications
Specification Value
Recommended Pipes 200mm - 600mm
Power 2.2 kW, 240v, 50Hz
Speed 180-600 RPM  via 4 speed transmission
Controls  Clutch and Brake in single lever action
Rod Sizes 8mm (5/16")
Rod Included 30 lengths of 1.5m
Cutting Tools Included

4 x 22mm drill tools

Straight auger, Retrieving auger, Spade cutter, saw-tooth cutter

Warranty  1 Yr
Weight ~140 kg loaded



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