Drain Cleaner Sectional


PRICE: $2,749.00 (inc GST)

These sectional style Drain Cleaners by Paddock Machinery are ideal for the professional or trade user as well as the home handy-person. Perfect for clearing block drains, the drain snake as it's often referred to, quickly navigates to the blockage and uses its high speed cutting action to clear and return flow your pipes.

Paddock Sewer and Drain Cleaner

  • Large industrial 1100w motor for greater torque and speeds up to 700 rpm
  • Ideal for clearing pipes 50mm to 200mm diameter
  • Supplied with over 18m of 30mm high quality shaft with additional lengths available for purchase separately
  • New design allows different diameter shafts to be used
  • Includes 6 cutting and unblocking tools
Sectional Drain Pipe Cleaner Applications

Sectional drain pipe cleaners are ideal for clearing buried pipes which might have been infiltrated by tree roots or other foreign matter. Perfect for sewers and septic systems, clear dense blockages with ease. Restaurant and kitchen drains, cut through grease and years of debris buildup.  The high speed operation combined with the high torque drive allows a range of cutting heads to operate through the pipe network. Compatible with 16mm, 22mm and 30mm cables, the Paddock unit is extremely versatile.

The unit comes standard with 4 lengths of high quality 30mm x 4.6m flexible shaft. Additional lengths of flexible shaft are also available for purchase separately and this machine is powerful enough to run pipe lengths out to 80m. 

The machines are capable of being moved, setup and operated by a single operator. The integrated trolley design not only makes moving the machine simple, it also houses the flexible shaft and the cutting tools. This is the perfect unit for the everyday plumber to go to work with and make a living. 

Drain Cleaner Construction and Features

These are high quality units designed for everyday use. Over-sized industrial motors are used to deliver higher speeds and more torque than the competitors. 

Paddock only use high quality soft shafts in their sectional drain cleaners. Good quality shafts perform better by delivering flexibility without sacrificing mechanical strength. This can only be achieve with a well controlled heat treating process resulting in a shaft which can go deeper and further then lower cost alternatives.

The drive mechanism used by Paddock is precision machined and the unique design allow for multiple shaft diameters to be run through the single machines. Change between 16mm, 22mm and 30mm shafts with ease depending on your application and requirements.

Each unit comes with large 10" wheels make climbing stairs a breeze ensuring this unit is not only powerful but also portable. The frame provides ample room for reserve accessories meaning the complete package is ready to take to work without the need for custom carts and trolleys.

Sectional Drain Pipe Cleaner Specifications
Recommended Pipes 50mm - 200mm up to 80m in length
Power 1.1 kW, 240v, 50Hz
Speed up to 700 RPM 
Controls  Clutch and Brake in single lever action
Cable Sizes

30mm standard

Design allows for use of 16mm and 22mm cable

Cables Included  4 lengths of 30mm x 4.6m soft shaft in a cage
Cutting Tools Included

6 x 30mm drill tools

Straight auger, Funnel auger, Retrieving auger, Grease cutter, saw-tooth cutter, 'C' cutter

Warranty  1 Yr
Weight ~80 kg loaded



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