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Heavy Duty Grass Slasher


PRICE: $6,899.00 (inc GST)

This heavy duty, tow behind, Rough Cut Mower by Paddock™ is the perfect unit for making new trails, mowing acreages or clearing brush and shrubs. With a larger 44" cutting deck, this unit is extremely capable and versatile with a range of adjustments and features only seen on high quality mowers. Fitted with hardened steel, slasher type blades and powerful engine, this unit handles the toughest jobs with ease.

Paddock Rough Cut Slasher Mower

Heavy duty tow behind slasher - self powered. This unit is a beast! Seeing is believing. Now you can slash your paddocks without owning a tractor.

  • Suitable for towing behind Quad Bikes, Four Wheelers, ATVs, Tractors, Utilities
  • Electric Start 4 Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Heavy duty cutting blades destroy saplings and brush whilst slashing grass
  • Offset cutting settings for cutting fence lines or new uncut zones
Rough Cut Mower Applications

These mowers are ideal for a range of applications and are suitable for the hobby farmer with only a couple of acres of grass field they want to manage through to the large property owner looking to cut new trails in difficult to access areas on their quad bike. 

Mower Construction and Capability

The Paddock™ Rough Cut Mower is built to handle the Australian environment. Its fabricated deck is thick and heavily constructed from 3mm steel. This mower can be dragged through long grass and over saplings up to 50mm diameter.

The blade design consists of 2 x large hardened steel pivoting blades which act like hammers to smash their way through not only grasses but also small trees, brush and shrubs. The unit will handle grasses up to 1m in height and weeds, brush and saplings up to 2m high.

Tow Behind Mower Engine and Performance

Each unit's fitted with a powerful, commercial grade, 4-stroke petrol engine. The premium quality engine is suitable for commercial use and long running hours under high loads. Electric key start is standard and makes starting and control a breeze.

The mower is fitted with a blade control lever to disengage the blade's rotation. This can be controlled remotely, if desired. A popular method of setup sees a rope run from this lever to the drivers position to allow remote disengagement of the blades, which is handy if you hit a large rock or log whilst exploring new areas.

Mower Adjustments

The unit has a fast set cut height adjustment which doesn't require the use of any tools. This is ideal for achieving the perfect finish! Obtain either a clean cut field grass finish or a higher paddock finish - similar to a slasher.

The mower can also be offset to the left or right from the towing vehicle via the fast set adjustment system which is again tool free.

The now standard, 50mm ball hitch connection has height adjustment which is simple and effective, allowing it to be towed with a range of vehicles of different heights from quad bikes through to side by side ATV's and utilities.

Rough Cut Mower Specifications
Lawn Mower STBFM03
Cutting Width 112cm (44")
Power Loncin 15 hp Petrol 4 Stroke OHV Engine
Electric turn key (Battery included)
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 L
Battery 12V DC (Included)
Hitch Type Adjustable height 50mm ball hitch connection
Construction Heavy duty fabricated 3mm steel, powder coated
Wheel Size 16 X 6.50 - 8
Blades 2x Heavy Duty Swing Hammer Blades
Cut Height Adjustable 89 - 190 mm
Max. Cutting Tow Speed 8 Km/h
Weight ~240kg

1630 × 1567× 635 mm (no draw bar)

3150 × 1567× 635 mm (w/ draw bar)


Offset cut left or right

Tool-less height and offset adjustments

Adjustable hitch height

Warranty 12 Months



47 Eagleview Place,
Eagle Farm QLD 4009