High Pressure Water Filter

SKU: SF14045

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Protect your pressure washer nozzles from abrasive wear and blockage by installing a inline, high pressure water filter / screen. These filters are also a great solution where the water source quality is unknown and rust and other debris may be present. These filters are highly recommended for use with hot water washers as scale from the heating coil can be introduced and cause operating issues.

4,500 psi Inline High Pressure Water Filter with 100um Screen

When operating at high pressures any debris present in the water can quickly abrasively erode sensitive components such as rotary and small orifice nozzles. Rust and scale can quickly block nozzles causing downtime and disruption to your operation.

These brass body inline filters are rated to 4,500 psi operating pressures and feature a stainless steel 100um screen which can be inspected and cleaned. The quick connect fittings make the filter ideal for fast inline installation upstream of your nozzle.

These filters are also popular for use with hot water pressure washers due to the presence of rust and scale which forms inside the heating coil and can dislodge during normal operation. Having an inline filter / strainer collects this debris minimising disruption.

Specifications SF14045
Mesh Stainless Steel Reusable and Washable
Filter size 100 um
Max Temperature 90 C
Max Pressure 4,500 psi
Inlet / Outlet 1/4" QD x 1/4" Plug
Size 63 x 127 mm



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