Hot Water Pressure Washer Hose


PRICE: $279.00 (inc GST)

A high quality, steel braided, rubber coated, non marking pressure washer hose for hot and cold water. Puncture resistant for longer lasting durability. Manufactured by Paddock Machinery. Suits a range of hot and cold water pressure washers including the Paddock range. Each hose comes with fittings on each end to easily attach to your pressure washer and spray gun or lance.  

Hot / Cold Water Pressure Washer Hose - Steel Braided, Non Marking

These high pressure hoses, rated to 5100PSI (with 4:1 burst pressure), are designed for use with hot and cold water, being capable of temperatures up to 150oC. The construction is heavy duty, long lasting, steel braided inner with external, green, rubberised fabric. Each end of the hose includes 3/8" swivel nut fittings to easily connect to your pressure washer, hand lance or other accessories. Although these fittings can be changed or adapted to suit other brands of pressure washers and accessories. Ideal for professional contractors, cleaners, DIYers and plumbers to name a few.

Specification Value
Max. Pressure 5,100 psi (350 bar)
Burst: Working Pressure Ratio 4:1
Internal Diameter 5/16" (8mm)
Max Temperature 150 oC
Inlet / Outlet  3/8" Swivel Nut Fittings
Hose Construction

Non mark rubberised fabric

Double steel wire braided



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