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This industrial dust extractor features twin AMETEK motors, Dual HEPA H13 dust filters and automatic pulse filter cleaning, meaning you no longer need to stop and clean the main filters at regular intervals. The continuous bag dust collection system ensures the unit is ideal for floor grinding, scarifying, core drilling and dry sawing of concrete. 

Paddock™ Industrial Vacuum Cleaner & Dust Extractor
  • Auto pulse self filter cleaning innovation!
  • Ideally suited to concrete grinding and sawing applications
  • Continuous bag dust collection and disposal system limits operator exposure
  • Multistage cyclonic and media filtration system including HEPA H13 filters
  • Incorporates quality AMETEK motors
  • Runs on a standard household single phase power socket
  • Simple to service and maintain
Auto-Pulsing Filtration System

This Paddock industrial vacuum has been designed for use in the hardest of applications such as with dry concrete grinders and saws. Concrete dust is extremely fine and hazardous if inhaled which makes a high quality vacuum solution vital.

This unit incorporates cyclonic separation and multi-stage filters with a innovative auto pulsing cleaning system. The auto cleaning system allows the operator to continue working without having to constantly stop to pulse or manually clean the filters. The system has been designed to ensure suction is not lost during the pulse cleaning which maximises work efficiency. Cleaning happens regularly at time intervals to ensure the filters are working to their optimal performance without significant loss of air flow due to clogging. 

Multi-Stage HEPA filteration System

Clean filtered air is achieved using cyclonic separation followed by Pre-HEPA H12 filters. This 1st stage filteration removes 99.95% of particles 0.3 micron size and larger and is continuously pulse cleaned. The 2nd stage filteration uses H13 HEPA filters to remove 99.99% of particles 0.3 micron size and larger.   

Continuous Bag Disposal System

Having a continue bag disposal system minimises operator interaction to the collected fine dust particles. As the hopper fills with dust it is automatically dumped into the continuous bag which sits below. Zip ties are used to clamp off the bag as it fills so it can be disposed off safely. 


These vacuums can be used for all types of dry dust vacuuming. They are not suited to wet vacuuming. 

The PIV2200 model is best suited to floor grinders up to 600mm in diameter and will perform well for such high dust applications. These units are ideal for use with floor grinders, concrete scarifiers, concrete cutting saws.

Paddock™ supports this product with Australian based support and a full range of replacement parts and spares.

Vacuum Model PIV2200
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
Function Dry vacuum suited to concrete grinding and sawing
Power 2.4kW
Voltage 240V 50Hz (Single Phase)
Current Drawer 8 A
Noise Rating <75 dB
Air Flow

400 m3/hr

256 cfm

Vacuum Max.

220 mbar

90 inch water lift

Main Hose 7.5m x 50mm
Inlet 70mm


EN 1833-H12

99.95% @ 0.3 micron


Pre-Filter Area
2 m2

HEPA Filter

EN 1833-H13

99.99% @ 0.3 micron


H13 HEPA Filter Area
2.4 m2
Dust Collection System

Continuous bag



D50 S wand

D70/50 reducer

7.5m of D50 EVA double layered hose (PIV2200#1-4)

D50 Hose cuff

D50 floor brush (PIV2200#1-6)

570 x 710 x 1270 mm
Weight 48 kg
Warranty 2 Yrs



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