Lawn Roller


PRICE: $989.00 (inc GST)

Paddock, known for quality yet affordable construction of lawn and garden implements, has developed this versatile and handy roller with a wide range of applications. Fill with water or sand, to increase the roller pressure, then simply tow behind any small vehicle such as ATVs, quad bikes, ride-on mowers and tractors. Quick and easy to set up...even easier to use!

Paddock 48" Roller

  • Tow behind ATV’s, quad bikes, ride on mowers and tractors
  • Heavy duty steel construction for long lasting durability
  • Perfect for lawns, gardens, golf courses, lawn bowls pitches, acreages, crops, landscaping laying turf (sod) and more...
  • Improve the health and look of your lawn

The Paddock lawn roller is the, ideal and must have, piece of equipment from simple at home gardening to commercial every day on the job landscaping work. With a standard clevis style hitch and pin, and the ability to easily add a tow ball, it makes it possible to tow behind all small Agriculture machinery from ATV’s, four wheelers, ride on mowers and tractors.

Professional green keepers and landscapers use Paddock lawn rollers to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn. Many would agree that rolling is a must do before and during the maintenance of a great lawn. Rolling before sowing seed eliminates low spots, clods of soil and levels the ground. After sowing seed the Paddock roller will insure that all seed is in contact with the soil speeding up germination. When laying turf (sod) a roller is a certainty to remove air pockets and ensures that the roots are in contact with the ground below almost guaranteeing a better result for the growth of your lawn.

Your lawn can become damaged by insect’s rodents and all manner of things, using a lawn roller periodically will smooth out ruts and bumps, and will help you identify areas of your lawn that needs new seed or turf.

Lawn Roller Specification Value
Working Width 122cm (48")
Water Capacity 95L (25 gallons)
Load Capacity 178kg
Hitch Type Standard clevis tow hitch with pin
Construction Heavy duty steel, black powdercoat finish
Roller Dimensions 121.92cm x 35.56cm (48” x 14”)
Warranty 12 Months



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