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Log Splitter


PRICE: $4,299.00 (inc GST)

This log splitter is the perfect balance between high quality and performance at an affordable price. Like the full Paddock range, this splitter has been over-engineered to ensure ample power, high reliability and exceptional performance. Driven by a genuine Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke commercial engine, this unit is at home on any size property splitting timber for the fireplace.

'Paddock' 40T Log Splitter
  • 40 tonne of hydraulic force provides ample power
  • Suitable for all hardwood types
  • Genuine Briggs and Stratton 13.5HP 4 stroke petrol engine with world wide warranty
  • Heavy duty professional trade quality construction
  • Reliable and simple pull start (no need to charge batteries)
  • Low maintenance and spare parts available!


Block Splitter Applications and Operation

Gone are the days of only using an axe to split your firewood. With significant advancements in machining and tooling, it's now feasible for every farm or property to own their own log splitter. The Paddock units really deliver value for  money with the ability to utilise up to 40T of force to quickly, easily and safely split logs.

The splitters are ideal for people stockpiling timber to burn in their fireplace over winter. This unit is so simple and safe to use, it will turn what was once a chore into a enjoyable social occasion with a friend or family member.

The splitter can be configured horizontally or vertically which allows for different size logs and operating styles to be utilised. Many people like working horizontally feeding logs in from one side of the machine and ejecting the split timber to the other side. This works well where logs are a manageable size or a mechanical lifting aid is available. When the logs become too large to lift, pull a pin and the splitter quickly and easily converts to the vertical operation, meaning logs can be rolled into the splitter with the ram travelling from the sky towards the ground. Having this dual functionality makes the unit extremely versatile for all types of operation and personal preferences. 

The Paddock splitter incorporates a genuine Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke petrol engine which delivers smooth, quiet and reliable output. The engine drives a high quality hydraulic 2-stage oil pump. The two stage pump allows larger amounts of hydraulic oil to flow during periods of low load whilst delivering exceptionally high pressure when needed for those extremely hard situations. The high pressure oil is delivered to a 40T ram via a simple control lever. Push the lever down and the ram extends with the wedge forced through the log. Release the lever and the ram stops. Push the lever up and the ram retracts and returns home. This style of splitter is extremely safe as everything stops on release of the lever. The operator has full control over the ram and simply needs to ensure they're keeping out of the way of the ram and the split timber. The ram has a full cycle time of only 13 seconds meaning once experienced, the operator can quickly process large volumes efficiently. Often the ram will not need to be fully extended or retracted to split a log which further speeds up the cycle.

Log Splitter Construction

The Paddock units are over-engineered with large steel sections designed to take the full force from the splitter. High stress areas are reinforced with extra gussets and strengthening. The splitter is mounted on a sturdy frame with draw bar and standard 50mm tow ball hitch meaning it can be towed from the shed directly to the job site behind your ute or ATV. The 16" tyres provide good ground clearance and their heavy duty design reduces opportunities for punctures on rough terrain. Included is a jockey wheel which not only supports the unit when in operation but also greatly assists when manually moving the splitter in the shed. At over 300kg these splitters are extremely well built and designed to last.

Suitable Timbers

The true advantage to selecting a 40 Ton splitter is you don't need to worry about the timbers you use and if the machine will be able to handle it. This splitter is so powerful, even if you put the timber in with knots and wild cross grains, it will still split or be crushed. It truly takes a lot to stop the ram in this unit meaning it's hardly working for the majority of scenarios which ultimately means the unit will last longer and perform with greater efficiency. 

Suitable for use with the following timbers plus many more;

Bimble, Grey, Yellow and Black Box 
Stringybark varities 
Blue, Grey, Spotted, Yellow and Red Gum varities 
Tasmanian Oak 

Log Splitter Specifications
Specification Value
Max Splitting Force 40 Tonne
Max Log Length 550mm (21.65")
Engine Briggs and Stratton Commercial 4-Stroke 13.5hp
Start Recoil

2-stage 65LPM pump with 30L on-board capacity

13 second cycle time

Simple Lever control

Hitch Type 50mm ball type
Wheels 16" pneumatic

Heavy duty steel, powdercoated steel

Hardened steel wedge

Operation Dual - Vertical or Horizontal
Weight ~308 kg
Package Dimensions 2000 x 550 x 830 mm
Warranty 12 Months Warranty

Note: The engines are stored and transported with only enough oil to keep the unit lubricated and additional oil will need to be added before the unit is started. For ease of shipping some assembly is required.


This item can be shipped Australia wide and is also available for pick up from our Brisbane warehouse. This item has a high shipping weight. We advise contacting us for a freight quote to your location. A fork lift will be required at the receiver's location for unloading or alternatively we can ship to your nearest depot for collection.



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