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PRICE: $5,999.00 (inc GST)

The manure spreader by Paddock Machinery is one of our most popular tow behind spreaders. It's heavy duty construction, combined with high capacity yet good maneuverability lends it to a range of users. Ideal for horse stables, large scale farms, hobby farms and acreages through to use by professional landscapers. Capable of spreading a range of manures and dungs even with a high soil mix. Great for horse, sheep, pig and cow manure to name a few. This twin wheel drive manure spreader is reliable and built tough to last in Australian conditions. Maintenance is simple and it can be used with many vehicles from ATVs, quad bikes through to utes or tractors via the universal clevis hitch.

'Paddock' Tow Behind Manure Spreader

  • Use to distribute a range of manures and soil mixes
  • Great for horse, cattle, sheep dung to name a few
  • Tow behind quad bikes, four wheelers, ATVs, tractors, utilities
  • Uses a clevis tow hitch (can be used with tow ball hitches by removing the ball)
  • High maneuverability to access tight areas
  • Suitable for in stall loading
  • Replaceable, wide spread beaters
  • Low maintenance


Manure Spreader Features & Functionality

The Paddock manure spreader is easy to use. Connect to the clevis hitch with a range of vehicles from ATVs, quad bikes, four wheelers, utes and tractors. If your vehicle has a tow ball hitch the ball can be removed and the hitch pin dropped through the hole. The hitch height can also be adjusted to give a better ride height.

The spreader is wheel driven - with both engagement levers down it will free wheel as you drive forward. There is also a transport tail gate, which when lowered, prevents any manure entering the beaters. To start spreading, engage both hand levers. The wheels will drive the chains and start moving the conveyer (engagement lever 1) and the beater paddles (engagement lever 2). The manure will be slowly fed into the beaters which will pulverise and broadcast the mix out of the back of the spreader. When finished spreading, simply lower the transport tail gate and disengage both levers.

T-Rod Web Chains -The floor conveyor is driven by t-rod web chains designed to give up to three times the life of other chains.

Paddle Beaters - Paddle beaters have easy access, long life bearings making maintenance a piece of cake. These are also replaceable.

Jockey Wheel - Included is a 2000lb jockey wheel giving easy movement of the spreader. This swings away when the spreader is connected to the towing vehicle.

Transport Tail Gate - A transport tailgate can be raised or lowered and incorporates two rubber bump stops. This prevents the manure entering the beaters when you are not wanting to spread or transporting the unit.

Drive Wheels - Wheel driven, there are two control levers. One lever engages and disengages the beater paddles while the other engages the floor conveyor.

Paddock Manure Spreader Specifications
Spreader Model PATVMANS01
Hopper Volume 820L (29 cubic feet)
Work Rate 2-5 Tonne /hr
Tow Speed 5 - 8 km/hr
Spread Width up to 120cm
No. of Beaters 8 (replaceable)
Beater Width 700mm
Beater Diameter 460mm (18")
Construction Heavy duty 12 Gauge steel construction. High density poly vinyl floor.
290cm (L) x 110cm (W) x 77cm (H)
Weight 230kg
Wheels High traction, puncture resistant tyres. 12"x 6-4 Bolt / 6-12
Attachment / Linkage Adjustable universal clevis hitch pin (Can be used with tow ball hitches)

Two wheel chain drive

Jockey wheel included

Adjustable tow hitch

Replaceable paddle blades

Ground drive

'Bear Claw' Beaters

Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009