Cement Mixer


PRICE: $3,599.00 (inc GST)

Paddock Machinery offers extremely high quality equipment at affordable prices. Ideal for professional and trade applications, when buying Paddock brand you can rest assured you're getting a heavy duty proven design that won't let you down.

Mini Loader Concrete Mixer


    The Paddock range of mini loaders are ideal for landscaping projects, farming work, construction plus so much more. Often civil projects need concrete and this attachment makes mixing and pouring a breeze. This unit uses the industry standard hitch plate design making switching between attachments fast and easy for anyone without the need for manual lifting. The mixer uses flat face hydraulic couplings to tie into your mini loaders hydraulic system which allows the mixer to be turned at the operators desired speed. With the mixer attached to the loader the cement mix can be easily transported over rough terrains directly to the final pour site. Using the loaders hydraulic system, the mix can be tilted and poured directly into the hole saving otherwise back straining work.

    This mixer is ideal for anyone looking to do fencing, pour foundations, asphalt driveway repairs and more. Using the Paddock mini loader to do the mixing, transportation and pouring saves considerable operator strain and ensures jobs are completed professionally and on time.

    These mixers are ideal for people working on slopes or in hard to access locations. The mixer can be driven to the location where the raw materials lie, loaded, mixed and returned to the job site with ease. No more pushing barrows up hills or tipping over mixes on slopes, the Paddock mini loader cement mixer attachment solves these challenges.

    The attachment itself is typical of Paddock equipment with a heavy duty over engineered construction. The mixer will work with loads up to ~0.12m3 /120L or a weight of ~120kg. The design includes a steel frame and foot which helps the unit to be quickly connected, disconnect and stored when not in use. Other mixer designs overlook this simple feature which results in the mixer drum becoming dented and scratched when not in use. 


    Mixer Specifications
    Weight (empty) ~130 kg
    Dimensions 710 x 550 x 550 mm
    Mixing Capacity 0.12m3 or 120L or ~4ft3
    Rated Load 120kg

    Industry standard design

    Hitch Overall size: 1200mm W x 395mm H
    Pin centre to Pin centre: 830 mm
    Pin hole width: 120 mm

    Hydraulic Connections Compatible with DNP flat faced connections
    Warranty 12 months




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