Pallet Forks


PRICE: $1,899.00 (inc GST)

Paddock Machinery offers extremely high quality equipment at affordable prices. Ideal for professional and trade applications, when buying Paddock brand you can rest assured you're getting a heavy duty proven design that won't let you down.

'Paddock' Pallet Forks Attachment

These forks are a great attachment to your mini loader and can save serious back straining work. On the Paddock range of loaders you will easily lift pallets and equipment weighing up to 250kg. Brilliant for loading high shelves, accessing tight sheds and receiving deliveries. The versatility of these machines with attachments like this will change the way you work.

These forks are heavy duty and designed for quick attachment. They have fast adjustment tines. The head board built into the fork design adds safety by reducing the opportunities for items to fall back onto the operator or machine. These forks are extremely solid construction and fit most common brands of mini loaders.

Forks Specifications
Tine Length 1070mm
Rated Load 1000kg
Fork Width Range 0 - 95cm
Attachment Hitch Overall size: 1200mm W x 395mm H
Pin centre to Pin centre: 830 mm
Pin hole width: 120 mm
Weight ~150kg
Warranty 12 months



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