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Motorised Aerator & Corer


PRICE: $5,999.00 (inc GST)

Combine the reliability of a genuine Honda GX160 engine with the toughest engineering specifications and you have Australia's best motorised lawn corer. Designed and built for Australian conditions this lawn corer and aerator is top quality and best in its class. Paddock™'s innovative design allows the unit to be used as a lawn corer or spike aerator by changing over the tines. Both coring and spike aerating tines are provided and replacements are affordable and easily ordered. Being self propelled you can aerate your lawns with ease in summer and winter.

Paddock™ Lawn Corer & Aerator
  • Self propelled!
  • Dual function - coring & spike aerating
  • Genuine Honda GX160 Engine
  • Cam driven tines deliver stable operation
  • Heavy duty trade quality construction
  • Reliable and simple pull start
  • Heavy duty coring and aerating tines included
  • Simple to service and maintain


The Paddock™ dual lawn corer and spike aerator is a versatile machine. Popular with DIY & home gardeners through to professional landscapers. Being self propelled and incorporating a high powered Honda engine gives the aerator a high working efficiency. You'll easily aerate substantial areas with ease. Great for home gardens and lawns right through to small acreages. Maintenance is simple and can be performed by most handy individuals. If that's not your cup of tea then the aerators can be serviced and maintained at any mower shop. The two year warranty through Paddock™ will give you peace of mind. However if parts are ever required we stock a full range. Honda GX160's are a popular engine and parts & service can be sourced easily. 

Paddock™ has designed and built the aerator for Australian conditions and with the user in mind. Soft tine engagement through a single hand operated lever on the handle gives a smooth operation. With four independent wheels the aerator is easy to maneuver and turn. To improve penetration depths additional weights have been implemented at just the right places to give the correct center of gravity for maximum tine efficiency. Steer clear of water weighted machines as the weight distribution moves as the water moves and the weight is often insufficient. The Paddock™ quick fold handles make storage and transport a breeze. For those loading the machine onto utes or trailers the machine comes with load rated lifting points and tie down points.

Dual Coring & Spike Aerating

The Paddock™ lawn aerator has the ability to do both coring and spike aerating depending on the tines fitted. Changing the tines is simple and fast as each tine is securely retained by a single quick locking grub screw. The tines are made from high grade steel so you get reduced wear, better performance and penetration plus maximum life. Replacements are affordable and readily available.

     Coring Tines Spike Tines
    Lawn Corer Tines Blades Bits Lawn Spike Aerating Tines Bits Blades

    Aerating your lawn or soil offers many advantages including:

    • reducing soil compaction
    • reducing thatch
    • increased access to the grass roots for moisture, air, fertiliser, food
    • easy plantation of seeds into the soil depths
    • increased seed germination
    • reduced weeds


    Lawn Aerator PMLAGX160
    Brand Paddock™ Machinery
    Aerating Width 410mm
    Coring depth 70mm
    Core Spacings 95mm center to center
    Working Efficiency 2500 m2 / hour
    No. of Tines 4
    Tine Size Coring Tines (22mm OD x 100mm). Spike Tines (12mm x 100mm)
    Drive Belt driven
    Max. Operating Slope 20 degrees
    Sound Levels 95 dB(a)
    Engine 4-stroke single cylinder OHV petrol engine. 25° inclined cylinder. Horizontal shaft.
    Power 3.6kW (4.8HP) at 3,600 rpm
    Start Pull Start
    Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L
    Wheels Puncture proof
    Construction Heavy duty, powdercoated steel
    Features Lifting & tie-down points. Proprietary soft tine engagement. Quick fold handles.
    Includes 4x coring tines. 4x spike tines.
    Weight 115kg
    Warranty 2 Year (Includes engine and machine)



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    Eagle Farm QLD 4009