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Motorised Post Driver


PRICE: $1,779.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock™ range of post drivers are designed to make it safe and simple to drive posts of varying sizes and material into the ground. Use the power of a genuine Honda GX series 4-stroke petrol engine to make erecting fencing fast and easy.

Star Picket / Post Driver

  • Drive up to 120mm diameter metal and timber posts with ease 
  • Genuine Honda GX series commercial 4-stroke engines
  • Make work faster and easier with less stress on the body
  • Heavy duty design not only performs but lasts in tuff conditions
  • Paddock™ Australian warranty



Not often does a affordable piece of machinery come along that completely changes how you work. The Paddock™ range of motorised post drivers are a game changer and makes driving star pickets, steel and timber post enjoyable. 

Star pickets are used for permanent and temporary fencing all over farms and small acreage and driving them with the old manual style sleeve hammers can be hard work and slow. Using a powered driver makes life easy as the power from the petrol engine is transferred into a impact force saving hard labour.

Farmers also know the benefits of driving steel round posts for strong and long lasting permanent fencing. A powered post drive makes installation a breeze.  

Cobbler logs can also be driven directly into softer grounds. The logs should be prepared with a pointed end, the post rammer can be used to drive the log directly. This method works well for softer grounds void of hard rock layers.

How The Motorised Driver Works

The Paddock™ range of motorised drivers transfer the engines rotational energy into a impact force delivered by the power head. Frequent, relatively low energy impacts on the top of the post drives results in the driving force. Users experience low resulting force on the human body, yet a great outcome in that the post is quickly driven into the ground with minimal effort. 

Honda Commercial Power 
Paddock™ post drivers only use genuine Honda GX series commercial engines as these offer superior reliability and performance over the cheaper knock off engines.  There's nothing worse then setting out to perform a job only to be let down by a low quality, underperforming engine. Honda engines run smooth, are easy to start and are backed by a Australia wide service and parts network. 
Post Driver Models

All models are supplied with the same Honda GX35 Commercial 4-stroke engine. The weight and size of the driver varies between models. The driving gearbox and impact head varies between models to suit the size of the posts being driven.

SPCOND080 - This is the lowest weight model and is best suited to the majority of users. This model is perfect for people predominately driving star pickets however it will fit and drive up to 80mm diameter posts. It's supplied with 45mm, 55mm and 73mm sleeves to make driving smaller diameter posts and pickets easier. This model is ideal for the everyday farmer doing predominately star picket fencing or round steel posts in softer grounds and wanting the lowest weight solution.

SPCOND100 - This model will fit and drive up to 100mm posts and delivers more punch for harder grounds. The impact plate and gearbox is stronger to achieve this at the cost of additional weight. Supplied with a 45mm, 60mm and 78mm sleeves, this is a good all rounds for a variety of applications and working conditions.

SPCOND120 - Paddock's heavy duty model is designed to drive posts up to 120mm in diameter. This unit is heavier as a result of the stronger gearbox and impact head. It's well suited to heavy users driving posts day in and out. Supplied with a 78mm and 100mm sleeve, there's little this unit can't drive. 


 Specifications SPCOND080
Max. Post Diameter
80mm 100mm 120mm
Heavy Extra Heavy
Impact Energy 15-45 J 25-50 J 25-55 J
18kg 23kg

Honda GX35

Petrol 4-stroke Commercial Series

Honda GX35 Honda GX35
Included sleeves
45/55/73mm 45/60/78mm 78mm
1yr 1yr



Engines are shipped dry, without oil. Part of setup involves adding oil to the engine. 



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