Paddock Excavator Grapple


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Paddock™ equipment is built to make light work of the toughest jobs. Quality components and smart engineering design delivers high performance attachments. Paddock™ offer a full range of attachments for trenching, auguring, rock breaking and bulk materials transfer.

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Excavator Auger Grapple

The grapple attachment can be used for picking up vegetation including branches, trees, logs, bails of hay and much more. The actuating grapple fingers are actuated so can be closed around objects allowing the power of hydraulics to lift and load materials into trucks and trailers with ease.;


  • Strong steel construction provides a long service life
  • Options to fit Series 10/15/17/25 Paddock Excavators
  • Hydraulically actuated grapple fingers
  • 1yr warranty from an established Australian business

The Grapple attachment makes certain tasks fast and greatly expands the capabilities of the common excavator. Having the ability to grip, lift and place objects is a game changer for landscapers needing to clear scrub and general waste.

The Grapple attachment doesn't utilise the quick hitch attachment design and rather replaces this by connecting directly to the excavator arm. The bucket ram is repurposed and attaches directly to the Grapple to provide the actuating functionality. Fitting the Grapple does take about 5-10 mins as it involves removing and refitting the pins at the grapple attachment. The time spent fitting the grapple is recovered in operator efficiency as having the correct attachment for the task being performed is vital to efficient operation.

Don't Compromise Quality

When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. Paddock only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life.

Paddock Excavator Auger Drive Specifications

Series 10/15/17 Excavators Series 25 Excavators
Connection Pins and repurposing of existing bucket ram Pins and repurposing of existing bucket ram
Warranty 1yr 1yr


This item can be shipped Australia wide and is also available for pick up from our Brisbane warehouse. This item has a shipping weight of over 100kg. We advise contacting us for a freight quote to your location. A fork lift will be required at the receiver's location for unloading otherwise we'll need to quote on a tail lift truck for delivery.



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